Marketing 2 – School Visits

Read more Let’s Write publishing posts in Andi’s Attic >> Read Marketing 1 >> What is there for an author to do to “get the word out” about her books? Hmmm, as you probably realized, book signings are not Mrs. M’s thing. Sadly. Thank goodness, she is a teacher, first at a Christian school likeContinue reading “Marketing 2 – School Visits”

Marketing 1 – Book Signings

Read more Let’s Write posts and author trivia in Andi’s Attic >> Mrs. M saw a post from a fellow author the other day on Facebook. Her first book signing. That brought all kinds of scary, icy memories to Mrs. M’s belly. Book signings are one of the things an author usually gets roped intoContinue reading “Marketing 1 – Book Signings”

#14-Pros and Cons of Pen Names

Read more writing tips in the Archives >> Someone recently asked about the advantages and disadvantages of using a pen name in your writing. (You know who you are. I’m finally answering and I’d love to give you credit for the question. Email me or identify yourself in a comment.) This young writer expressed uncertaintyContinue reading “#14-Pros and Cons of Pen Names”

#12-“ly” and “ing” Words

Read more Let’s Write writing tips in Andi’s Attic >> I received a question in one of the comments back in 2013 and thought I would post the answer in the “Let’s Write” posts. It is a good question! Why shouldn’t we use too many “ly” and “ing” words in our writing? The ‘ly’ adverbContinue reading “#12-“ly” and “ing” Words”

#11-Which “Person”?

Read more Let’s Write writing tips in Andi’s Attic >> Back in 2013, Rishona asked this writing question. It’s a good one, so I revived it for the newest group of writers that might be reading these posts. What is the difference between first person, second person, and third person?  “Person” is how your mainContinue reading “#11-Which “Person”?”