Writers Workbook Winners

The Winners! Three winners! One winner receives a print copy of Writers Roundup (or Writers Gold Mine). The two runners up each receive a digital ebook of either book. How fun is that? There were 73 entries with 652 entries. Here are the random winners (they have 24 hours to claim their prizes). A PerfectContinue reading “Writers Workbook Winners”

Got a Post Idea?

Through the years, a few up-and-coming young writers have contributed their own post ideas to Andi’s Blog. For example, many of the character quizzes I have recycled (and updated) came from Sadie S., who years ago asked, “Mrs. M., I would love to think up some character quizzes. May I?” Absolutely! Ellen S. contributed atContinue reading “Got a Post Idea?”

2023 Circle C Writing Contest

It’s a month early, but I thought you might want to get a little head start over the holidays. You may not submit your story until the contest officially opens on January 2, 2023, but you can read the rules, see the prizes, and learn about your judges starting today! Read everything you need toContinue reading “2023 Circle C Writing Contest”

2023 Story-Writing Contest Book

I’m excited to start gearing up for the annual story-writing contest. It’s a lot of work, and the first step is creating the cover and title for the 12-story collection. I don’t usually do this myself. I prefer that you young writers have a chance to choose a title and cover. This is how itContinue reading “2023 Story-Writing Contest Book”