Birthday Giveaway Winner

Congratulations, Nora I. My judge, Ms. Donna, chose the following birthday gift idea as the winning entry, though she admitted (to me) it was very hard to choose. Nora’s entry came in at 47 words. Nicely done! Nora’s Birthday Gift for Andi “Happy 10th birthday Andi! I hope you like your gift!” I said.“Oh, it’sContinue reading “Birthday Giveaway Winner”

What Am I? #2 – Dried, Salted Codfish

See more Photo Fridays here >> So, what am I? There were 51 great entries. Many entrants thought it was a fossil. Nice try, but in 1865, fossils were just beginning to be discovered. In fact, the term “dinosaur” did not even come into existence until 1841. Since I gave the hint (below) that JemContinue reading “What Am I? #2 – Dried, Salted Codfish”