Baby Goats Round Three (& Four)

Part Two I’m adding Mango’s kids to this post from yesterday instead of creating a new post. MANGO kidded this afternoon, and of COURSE Ellie was not there again (and Mango is her goat). Ellie was in town taking her GED test, but her mother and I successfully delivered triplets. (Okay, so that is 13Continue reading “Baby Goats Round Three (& Four)”

1890 Christmas Greetings from Memory Creek Ranch

See more Andi’s Journal and Photo Fridays in Andi’s Attic >> Christmas Letter, 1890 I feel so blessed this Christmas 1890. Our little man, Jared, is three and a half. The twins, Charlotte and Lillian, are healthy, happy, and rambunctious six-month-olds. Just last week, the girls cut their first two teeth. They were cranky andContinue reading “1890 Christmas Greetings from Memory Creek Ranch”

Colton Gets His Hooves Picked

See more Photo Fridays in Andi’s Attic >> I know you all like to see little updates on Colton, the half-mini/half-full-sized foal you named last June 6, when he was born. Learning to stand still for the farrier is one of the most important disciplines a young horse can learn. Colton is not yet fourContinue reading “Colton Gets His Hooves Picked”