Colton Gets His Hooves Picked

See more Photo Fridays in Andi’s Attic >> I know you all like to see little updates on Colton, the half-mini/half-full-sized foal you named last June 6, when he was born. Learning to stand still for the farrier is one of the most important disciplines a young horse can learn. Colton is not yet fourContinue reading “Colton Gets His Hooves Picked”

Circle C Characters Look-alike Fun

Find more Photo Fridays in Andi’s Attic >> I have had multiple requests to repost this fun contest, so here you go. It seems odd to me that there are 140 comments but only four official photo entries. Now, some energetic readers have sent in the cutest pictures ever and we have 12! So, forContinue reading “Circle C Characters Look-alike Fun”

From Fans to Friends

Read more Author Trivia and Photo Fridays in Andi’s Attic >> Over the years, I have received very special emails about how Andi fans met through Andi’s blog, received permission from parents to email one another, and eventually meeting in person. I have chronicled a few of them in this post. There is also aContinue reading “From Fans to Friends”

Christmas on the Circle C

Enjoy more Photo Fridays and Andi’s Journal in Andi’s Attic >> Andi’s Journal December 1882, five months after the events in Thick as Thieves Right after Thanksgiving (President Lincoln proclaimed the fourth Thursday in November as a national day of thanksgiving back in 1863), Mother gets after the boys to go up in the mountainsContinue reading “Christmas on the Circle C”