Andi Carter Quiz Answers & Winner

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First of all, thanks for the enthusiastic response! Over two dozen contacted me with their answers. However, I was not able to have a random drawing among those who usually tie for all the answers correct or for just one wrong, etc. Here’s why not. Question #3 tripped everybody up except for the winner, Natalie. She was the only entrant who scored 100%. It was not my intention to create trick questions, but I guess #3 came across as a tricky one. Everyone except Natalie chose “C. an army fort in Arizona.” Riley and his parents did not live there until a long time after Riley left the Circle C. Those first few questions were clearly marked as “Andi’s Circle C Beginnings Years.”

Andi and Riley tying up a fly.

During the Circle C Beginnings years, while Riley stayed on the Circle C, his army-captain father and his ill mother lived at an army fort in San Francisco. From Circle C Christmas: “Where did you get this idea?” (Andi asks about how to tie up a fly). “One of the soldiers at the fort showed me.” “That army fort is in San Francisco, right?” Andi asked. Riley nodded. “That’s a long way away,” Andi said.

The next character quiz about Andi will only include questions from the older books, Circle C Adventures and Circle C Milestones, so those who haven’t read the younger series will have more fun and a better chance of getting the answers.

PRIZE: the brand-new Circle C Adventures journal

Natalie will receive this journal with the brand-new cover design. And oops. Mrs. M could not find the Circle C pens anywhere. I think I left them in California. Sorry, my bad. I am substituting a Circle C Adventures button/pin instead.


  • 1. What is Andrea Carter’s middle name?
    • C. Rose
  • 2. What is the name of Andi’s pony?
    • A. Coco
  • 3. Andi’s best friend is Riley. He lives on the Circle C ranch. Where do his father and mother live?
    • B. in San Francisco
  • 4. What is the name of Andi’s little Yokut friend?
    • B. Choo-nook
  • 5. Who is Andi’s best friend after Riley leaves the Circle C ranch?
    • A. Sadie Hollister
  • 6. Andi meets a little boy named Henry when the circus comes to town. She wants to help him do something. What is it?
    • C She wants to help Henry run away.
  • 7. Why are Mother and Andi kidnapped by two outlaws one cold November day?
    • B. The outlaws think Mother is the schoolteacher and need her knowledge.
  • 8. Which horse does Andi ride to lasso a calf during the Circle C’s very first rodeo?
    • A. Sky, Chad’s horse
  • 9. Why does Mother send Andi to San Francisco when she is nine years old?
    • C. to protect Andi from a scarlet fever outbreak in the valley.
  • 10. What San Francisco event scares Andi half to death?
    • A. an earthquake
  • 11. Which barn chore is Andi responsible for most days?
    • B. feeding and watering the horses
  • 12. How many stripes does Andi receive from Felicity Livingston when she is trying to rescue Taffy?
    • A. four
  • 13. What does Andi find in the Livingston Flats livery stable that excites her?
    • C. Taffy’s saddlebags
  • 14. Why is Andi in trouble one Saturday morning?
    • B. She forgot to do her barn chores.
  • 15. Why does Andi run to the Livingstons’ barn one morning just before dawn?
    • A. Felicity tells Andi that Taffy is sick.
  • 16. Who is the unwelcome guest Andi’s brother Justin brings home for supper?
    • B. Senator Farley
  • 17. What is Andi’s role at the Lazy L ranch?
    • A. Felicity’s all-around servant girl
  • 18. Who finds Andi?
    • B. Chad
  • 19. What are Andi’s consequences for her hasty actions of running away?
    • C. She gets a list of chores a mile long.
  • 20. What surprise does Andi receive after her adventure ends?
    • B. The Garduno family is hired to work for the Carters.

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