“Characters” Are Finished

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Mrs. M is excited to announce that all of the characters from the old blog have found homes on Andi’s new blog. Explore the Circle C characters >> in these seven (7) categories below. Your mission is to let me know if I have forgotten any important human or animal characters. Comments welcome! I will fill in missing characters as you make me aware.

Fun Fact: When I have finished moving the rest of the Behind the Scenes pages (not the posts), I plan to have a Scavenger Hunt with freebies for those who complete the hunt and first, second, and third-place prizes for those who find everything correctly (random drawing for the top three in case of ties). I’m also thinking about giveaways when I reached 1,000 visitors (I’m at 698 already) and when I hit 100 followers (I’m at 56). So, spread the word! Fun things are happening this fall on Andi’s new blog.

  • Andi’s Family >> This category covers all of the Carter family members mentioned in the books, including Daniel, Benjamin, and Lydia. It includes the main characters’ spouses and most link to a full page with a lot more detail and pictures of children, etc.
  • Andi’s Friends >> This category includes Andi’s close friends. Other “friends” like Virginia or Johnny Wilson are listed in the “townsfolk” category. This helps cut down on the number of characters per page. Many close friends have links to their own pages, where you can learn more.
  • Wanted” Characters >> This is where you will find all of the antagonists, especially the outlaws, from the Circle C series.
  • Ranch Characters >> Not just the Circle C, but also other ranches (like the Lazy L, where Felicity resides). Cowhands, which includes those who worked on the trail drive in Heartbreak Trail.
  • Townsfolk >> City characters from both Fresno, San Francisco, and any other townsfolk
  • Circle C Horses >> For all of you who want to know what the Circle C horses look like and to whom they belong, this is the category you will like.
  • More Circle C Animals >> Not just the cattle and chickens, but this category also includes any animals Andi came across in any of the series, like a cougar or rattlesnake.

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

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