Riley Quiz Winner and Answers

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We had twenty entries! Eight of you got them all right, so Christian (aka “Henry” on the Andi Under the Big Top cover) drew the winner. Isabel is the winner. Scroll down to find the answers and see if you were one of the top eight contestants who got 100% of the answers right.


Isabel receives this fun Circle C ceramic mug.

How well do you know Riley Prescott?

The correct answer is in bold italics.

  • 1. What is Riley Prescott’s middle name?
    • A. Joseph
    • B. Jared
    • C. Jackson
  • 2. What is the name of Riley’s first horse?
    • A. Dakota
    • B. Thunder
    • C. Midnight
  • 3. What breed is Riley’s horse?
    • A. appaloosa
    • B. tobiano paint
    • C. quarter horse
  • 4. What color are Riley’s eyes?
    • A. blue
    • B. brown
    • C. hazel
  • 5. What job does Chad hire Riley to do on the Circle C ranch?
    • A. foreman
    • B. wrangler
    • C. blacksmith
  • 6. After Riley left the Circle C as a child, how many years passed before he returned?
    • A. four years
    • B. six years
    • C. eight years
  • 7. How old was Riley when he lost Midnight?
    • A. fifteen
    • B. seventeen
    • C. nineteen
  • 8. Name two of the army forts where Riley’s family was stationed after he left the Circle C.
    • A. Fort Hall and Sutter’s Fort
    • B. Fort Yuma and Fort Apache
    • C. Fort Apache and Fort Mohave
  • 9. How does Riley disguise himself to get into Procopio’s outlaw camp?
    • A. He grows a beard and grows out his hair
    • B. He grows out his hair and wears shabby clothes.
    • C. He grows a beard and uses his leftover bruises.
  • 10. What name does Riley use to fool Procopio into thinking he is the nephew of the outlaw’s compadre?
    • A. Ramon Ortega
    • B. Chano Ortega
    • C. Raphael Ortega
  • 11. What is the name of Riley’s favorite dime novel?
    • A. The Indian Captive
    • B. The Outlaw Ranger
    • C. Ralph the Slasher
  • 12. With whom did Riley have a knock-down, drag-out fight ten years before the setting of the Last Ride?
    • A. Chad Carter
    • B. Johnny Wilson
    • C. Daniel Carter
  • 13. Where is Riley at the time of Andi, Lucy’s, and Sammy’s kidnapping by the hand of Procopio?
    • A. Lying unconscious in Justin Carter’s horse shed.
    • B. Running an errand for his Uncle Sid’s medicine.
    • C. Rounding up cattle on the Circle C.
  • 14. What is one of the things Riley does to continue to convince the outlaws that he really is one of them?
    • A. He speaks fluent Spanish with them.
    • B. He kisses Andi.
    • C. He kills a man.
  • 15. How does Riley know where to find Andi and her family?
    • A. He is an excellent tracker from his childhood near the Apache Indians.
    • B. He recognizes Andi’s locket around his dog’s neck.
    • C. He catches a glimpse of his attacker before passing out.
  • 16. Where does Riley take Andi to have a heart-to-heart talk with her?
    • A. to the special spot he found and told Andi about
    • B. to Andi’s special spot where they practice trick riding.
    • C. to the draw where Andi had her accident
  • 17. Which book does Riley know how it ends?
    • A. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth
    • B. The Mysterious Island
    • C. Twenty Thousands Leagues Under the Sea
  • 18. What does Riley want Andi to do for him?
    • A. go riding
    • B. give him permission to call her “Miss Andi.”
    • C. help him check fences
  • 19. Who reintroduces Riley to Andi?
    • A. Sid
    • B. Chad
    • C. Justin
  • 20. What does Riley call Daniel?
    • A. a “mail-order” cowboy
    • B. a “greenhorn”
    • C. a “tinhorn”

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27 thoughts on “Riley Quiz Winner and Answers

  1. Are the answers to number 14 right? Riley does not speak fluent Spanish. He kisses Andi after he convinces the outlaws that he’s one of them, and Riley would never kill a man.


    1. Everybody who has turned in a quiz so far has gotten this one right. But just so there is no doubt in anyone’s mind, I have revised the question to make sure it’s clear. 😉


    1. The Last Ride, page 138:
      If Riley sensed Andi’s displeasure, he didn’t show it. “I like ’em too, you know. My favorite is Ralph the Slasher.” He shoved his hands in his trouser pockets and relaxed against the porch post. “I’m pretty sure your favorite is The Indian Captive.”

      Oh, and the question asks Riley’s favorite dime novel.


  2. Oh! I had no idea that there was this contest! I was reading through the other character quizzes and I believe I would have gotten the others right, or maybe one question wrong on some of the other character quizzes, but I would’ve gotten all of Riley’s right. He’s my favorite character.

    Liked by 1 person

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