Riley vs. Cory

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Many readers were a little disappointed when they found out Andi would marry Riley instead of her good friend Cory. Andi had been best friends with Riley as a young girl, but when he left the ranch and rejoined his army-father, he faded from Andi’s memory. Cory became a good friend and yes, Mrs. M did consider Cory and Andi as a couple at one point.

So, here is your chance, readers and fan-fiction writers. What if Riley had not returned to work for Chad on the Circle C? Instead, Andi and Cory grew closer and eventually married. What then? (I love reading about alternate timelines and possibilities.) This is the biggest “what if?” of all!

A fan, Lizzy, originally asked this question and came up with a good list of outcomes to this huge “what if?” I have modified the list to avoid any spoiler alerts for the new short-story collection coming out this winter 2022.

What If Andi Had Married Cory Instead of Riley?
  1. Andi would not live on Memory Creek Ranch.
  2. Andi and Cory would live in town.
  3. Her firstborn son would not be named “Jared.”
  4. Andi probably would have her first baby with the help of the doctor in town.
  5. Andi would have never found the secret glade Riley showed her.
  6. Andi might spend more time with her husband’s family and lose contact with her ranching family little by little.
  7. Andi would learn more about the livery and blacksmith trade, maybe even helping Cory when business was booming.
  8. Andi would gain a lot of town friends.
  9. Cory might have hated the valley heat and moved Andi away from California, or at least moved to the coast for cooler weather.
  10. Andi might start talking Cory into doing things that are not wise. Cory is very easygoing, much more so than Riley (who seems to be a nice balance between Justin and Chad).
Your Turn

Have fun with this “what if” scenario by . . .

  1. Adding more “what if’s” to the list (use the comments).
  2. Write a fan fiction story about Andi and Cory being married and send using the contact form >>
  3. Come up with something new and fresh!

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14 thoughts on “Riley vs. Cory

  1. Andi wouldn’t have leaned to trick ride. Also, her honeymoon destination might not have been Yosemite. (Something with possible painful consequences for Kate’s family, if the tales book has the same story I read on the old blog. 😉

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  2. If Andi had married Cory, Elijah Hunt would have never known if ”Jimmy” had married ”Beth” and fulfilled his ranching dream because Riley showed Andi the secret glade.

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  3. Andi might have never had twins if she married Cory (I almost cry though because Andi did not marry Cory. i felt bad for him.)


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