Character Quiz – Chad Carter

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Stephanie wins the character quiz. However . . . I just discovered she lives in Australia, so she will need to choose a digital prize. So, I have chosen another winner to receive the Circle C 2022 calendar. And the new winner is . . . JOY.

Answers are below. Eight of the twenty entries got 100% of the answers correct: Joy, Bethany, Stephanie, Anna, Dinah, Madison, Trinity, and Ella Grace. Congrats! I had a random drawing of these winners. Scroll down to see the answers.

This month (January): Taffy character quiz. Coming soon!

If you didn’t win, you can still get a 2022 calendar. I have some left. And . . . for 2022, I have added free shipping on everything for all year in the Circle C store. Circle C calendar >>

How well do you know Andi’s brother Chad?

Answers are in BOLD. Thanks for playing. I hope you all had fun!

  1. What is the name of Chad’s horse? (Thick as Thieves)
    • A. Chase
    • B. Thunder
    • C. Sky
  2. How tall is Chad? (Long Ride Home)
    • A, five foot ten
    • B. six feet
    • C. six feet two
  3. What breed is Chad’s horse? (Courageous Love)
    • A. liver chestnut
    • B. buckskin
    • C. sorrel
  4. How old was Chad when he was allowed to be finished with school? (Thick as Thieves)
    • A. sixteen
    • B. seventeen
    • C. eighteen
  5. What color is Chad’s hair? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. blond
    • B. brown
    • C. black
  6. With which family member does Chad have the most conflict?
    • A. Andi
    • B. Justin
    • C. Mitch
  7. Which of these animals does Chad despise? (Courageous Love)
    • A. sheep
    • B. coyotes
    • C. chickens
  8. What is Chad’s middle name? (timeline)
    • A. Thomas
    • B. Phillip
    • C. Aaron
  9. What is Chad’s reaction when he learns Jed has shot Andi? (Dangerous Decision)
    • A. “Let’s go after him as quick as we can.”
    • B. “I’ll kill him myself.”
    • C. “I’ll bring the rope for the lynching.”
  10. What is Chad’s reaction when he learns their sister Kate has returned? (Family Secret)
    • A. He fervently hopes she won’t be staying long.
    • B. He’s afraid to learn the reason Kate has returned after ten years.
    • C. He welcomes her with open arms and forgiveness.
  11. What is Chad’s role on the Carter cattle drive? (Heartbreak Trail)
    • A. the trail boss
    • B. the scout
    • C. the ramrod
  12. What happens to Chad on the Carter cattle drive? (Heartbreak Trail)
    • A. He is ambushed and suffers a gunshot wound.
    • B. He falls ill and must be sent home from Bakersfield.
    • C. He is thrown from his horse and breaks his leg.
  13. How does Chad show is generosity to Andi during the cattle drive? (Heartbreak Trail)
    • A. He lets her ride Dusty alongside him.
    • B. He takes her out to the herd to hear the cowboys sing to the cattle.
    • C. He gives her permission to help Flint wrangle the horses in the remuda.
  14. Who is Chad’s wife? (Courageous Love)
    • A. Lucinda Hawkins
    • B. Emily McConnell
    • C. Ellianna Coulter
  15. What happens to Chad’s horse when the barn burns down? (Courageous Love)
    • A. He is badly burned.
    • B. He perishes.
    • C. He escapes with no injuries.
  16. What does Chad suggest Andi do to pass the time during his engagement party? (Courageous Love)
    • A. find a quiet spot and wait it out
    • B. teach Riley how to dance
    • C. let Chad take her around the dance floor
  17. What ranch job does Chad assign Andi in Long Ride Home?
    • A. mucking out stalls
    • B. flushing out strays
    • C. branding calves
  18. What ranch job does Chad assign Andi in Courageous Love?
    • A. tallying (counting) cattle
    • B. separating the colts for sale
    • C. watching over the Angus heifers
  19. What has always been Chad’s lifelong dream?
    • A. to raise cattle
    • B. to run the Circle C ranch
    • C. to breed championship horses
  20. What is one of Chad’s character flaws?
    • A. He has a quick temper.
    • B. He has a hard time making decisions.
    • C. He is unforgiving.

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17 thoughts on “Character Quiz – Chad Carter

  1. Mrs. Marlow, I was wondering if I could use the character profile for Chad to answer the question about his hair color. I spent an hour searching the books and couldn’t find the answer. Thanks!
    Ella Grace

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