The Many Faces of Taffy

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Lexi W. asked if I ever had a palomino mare and named her Taffy. So, I thought I would put up this post for Photo Friday. The answer is yes, so read on. But they were not named “Taffy.” Through the years, four beautiful palominos have portrayed Taffy on the covers of the Circle C Adventures and now the Stepping Stones. I’ve had the privilege of riding some of these horse actors. Now that Taffy has passed (The Last Ride), I thought it would be a fitting tribute to present a photo gallery that highlights the horses who have played her through the years. The photos go in order from #1 to #6. Scroll under the photo gallery to read more about our four-footed friend!

We miss you, Taffy. And a big thank-you to all the palomino owners who helped make Taffy come alive!

1. RUSTY is on the cover of Dangerous Decision and The Last Ride. I bet you recognize the dress Andi is wearing for two of those books. He is the first horse portraying Taffy. He is not as golden as the others, but he has a pretty face.

2. and 3. STAR was featured on the original cover of Price of Truth, as well as a number of promotional “fun” stuff. He was fun and easy to ride. Like Taffy, Star has passed on.

4. and 5. LUNA (AKA “Loca” Luna) was one crazy horse and only lasted long enough on my daughter’s place to get a few pictures. Luna is on the cover of the Stepping Stones book, Andi Lassos Trouble, but he had to go back to his owner, as this horse was not safe. My DD even hired a trainer to come out and evaluate Luna, and the trainer concluded the horse was pretty green. This palomino was the closest to Taffy’s coloring: golden coat, creamy mane, a blaze on the nose, and four white socks–just like Taffy

6. SUNNY is on the cover of Andi Saddles Up, the first Stepping Stones book. Sunny was way nicer and easier to handle than Luna. She was a former cutting horse from Mexico and pretty old. The poor old mare had a gimpy hind leg from her former life, which required much in the way of drugs, which was not how my DD envisioned a horse for her kids. The previous owner missed Sunny so much that she bought her back.

And a couple of years ago, my daughter bought a palomino gelding, whom Ellie named “Shasta.” But he started acting too much like a stallion (especially when the two mares were in heat). So, he had to go. But he was so beautiful!

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7 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Taffy

  1. They are all so beautiful! Why can’t I get the link to come up in You Tube? For some reason, it isn’t working. Thx for posting these!


    1. I double checked the YouTube and it’s saved as “public,” so there is no reason why you should not be able to see it. I see it has a bunch of views, so it’s clearly working for others. It must be on your end.


  2. That was so cool! I loved seeing all the “Taffy’s”! They were all really cute. Also, it was awesome you had a horse named Shasta! But it’s sad you had to give him away.

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