Memory Creek Names

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Mrs. M thought it would be fun to show you how she came up with the name for Andi and Riley’s ranch. About four or five years ago (2017), when I was thinking about compiling some short stories in a book (which became Tales from Memory Creek Ranch), I realized I needed a name for their new ranch. It was never mentioned in Courageous Love, so I asked the fans on Andi’s old blog to think of names. I compiled all of the ideas given in the comments into a list that I felt showed some variety but wasn’t overwhelming to vote on. Fans were then asked to vote for their two top favorites. The ones with the highest number of votes then went through a “run off” vote. Eventually, “Memory Creek Ranch” became the #1 choice of fans. Now you know. Here is that first compiled list. Read on because I need more help . . .

1. Sunlight Ranch
2. Milestones Ranch
3. Taffy’s Range
4. Legacy Ranch
5. Happy Valley Ranch
6. Sierra Circle Ranch
7. Rocking P Ranch
8. Wind & Water Ranch
9. Prescott Paradise Ranch
10. Trickle Creek Ranch
11. Circle P Ranch
12. Golden Hills Ranch
13. Joined Hearts Ranch
14. Flying Tails Ranch
15. Sierra View Ranch
16. Memory Creek Ranch

Memory Creek Brand

I’m thinking that Andi and Riley need a brand of their own. For now, all of their stock are branding with the Circle C brand. But as they breed their own horses and cattle, they will need to register their own brand. Got ideas? You can send pictures via email to, or you can write out ideas in the comments. I’m open to both, and we can even vote. Have your say below!

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

22 thoughts on “Memory Creek Names

  1. My little sister has me read a Andi Carter or Jem book before bed every night and last night when i finished she said “Can you tell Mrs Marlow that she needs to write more books please? They are sooooo good.” โค so there you have it Mrs. M, We need another book or book series! write one about Jared's life! that's gotta be interesting!

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    1. Yes. I’ve read every single book in the Jem and Andi series ever written by you to her ๐Ÿ™‚ I ordered the Library collection about a year ago and we spent an entire week of afternoons reading book after book together out on the front porch. xD she had a lot of fun with them!

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  2. Love Faith’s idea!
    I had thought a little creek with the letters MCR running through it horizontally or going through it vertically with the ‘C’ in the creek.


      1. Aww that’s okay๐Ÿ˜Š Just an idea, you could get your followers to put some together and send them to you and get everyone to vote on it๐Ÿ’


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