Cory Blake Character Quiz

Congratulations to Ellie Moen, winner of this month’s character quiz. (Email me ASAP to claim your prize.) We set a record for quiz entries this month–45 hopeful entries. Of those, 28 responders got all of the answers right–100%. That is amazing, and so many that I can’t list them here. You will know who you are when you read the answers below.

Because there were so many ties, I used to generate the winning number. So, hopefully that explains what happens when ties occur.

Answers to the Cory Blake Character Quiz (in bold).
  1. What is the name of Cory’s horse and its color? (Dangerous Decision)
    • A. Thunder, a bay
    • B. Patches, a paint
    • C. Flash, a chestnut
  2. What does Cory always bring Andi for a back-to-school present every first day of school? (Dangerous Decision)
    • A. a snake
    • B. a lizard
    • C. a cricket
  3. What advice does Cory offer Andi when she returns to school after her memory returns? (Dangerous Decision)
    • A. She should retell her adventures to the newspaper.
    • B. She should charge people money to see her gunshot scar.
    • C. She should give Virginia Foster horseback riding lessons.
  4. What does Ollie get for trading Cory an old survey map? (Trouble with Treasure)
    • A. five aggie marbles, a huge toad, and two genuine arrowheads
    • B. three arrowheads, two aggie marbles, and his best pet snake
    • C. two big toads, three trout, and one aggie marble
  5. Where does Cory want to take Andi after one of the men in Fresno announces that a flood is headed for town? (SF Smugglers)
    • A. to see where a barn had washed away.
    • B. to see the water rising really fast
    • C. to see a horse stuck in the muddy flood
  6. What does Cory want Andi to do after they save T.J. Silver’s life? (Family Secret)
    • A. He wants her to include him in any future visits with this stranger.
    • B. He wants her to help him take the stranger to Dr. Weaver in town.
    • C. He wants her to tell her brothers about the stranger’s presence on the Circle C.
  7. What does Cory do to help Andi during the schoolyard fight between Jacob Powers and Levi? (Family Secret)
    • A. He rescues Jacob from under Levi.
    • B. He helps Andi pull Levi off Jacob.
    • C. He yanks Levi away from Jacob.
  8. What three things does Cory take care of before going down the mountainside to bring back help for Mitch? (Trouble with Treasure)
    • A. He straightens up the shack, builds a fire, and starts breakfast.
    • B. He tends the horses, builds a fire, and brings in extra wood.
    • C. He eats, gathers up his gear, and finds a pistol for the girls’ protection.
  9. Who knocks Cory to the ground when he is trying to defend Andi from Johnny? (Price of Truth)
    • A. Jack Goodwin
    • B. Peter Wilson
    • C. Toby Wright
  10. Which is Cory’s strongest school subject? (Thick as Thieves)
    • A. grammar
    • B. arithmetic
    • C. geography
  11. What does Cory want Andi to do regarding Macy? (Thick as Thieves)
    • A. Stay away from her because she is dangerous.
    • B. Tell Mr. Foster how Macy is terrorizing the kids during noon recess.
    • C. Stand up to her because he thinks Macy will back down.
  12. What does Macy do to Cory when he pulls her away from Andi in the schoolroom? (Thick as Thieves)
    • A. She knocks him to the floor.
    • B. She gives him a black eye.
    • C. She spits in his face.
  13. When Cory approaches Andi after church one Sunday, what does Andi think he wants? (The Last Ride)
    • A. She thinks Cory wants to gossip about Daniel.
    • B. She thinks Cory wants to ask her to go fishing next Saturday.
    • C. She thinks Cory wants to invite her to the square dance at Moffatts.
  14. Why does Cory step in on the dance floor at Chad’s engagement party? (Courageous Love)
    • A. Oliver Jansen is bothering Andi.
    • B. Johnny Wilson is being his usual annoying self.
    • C. Cory wants to take Andi around the dance floor.
  15. What does Cory offer Andi if she would change her mind and consider him a possible suitor? (Courageous Love)
    • A. He offers her a home of her own any place she wishes
    • B. He offers to become a cowboy so she doesn’t have to leave the ranch.
    • C. He offers to wait a year in case she changes her mind.
  16. Where does Cory tell Andi he plans to go? (Stranger in the Glade)
    • A. to the Hawaiian Islands
    • B. to the Pacific Northwest
    • C. to Washington Territory
  17. Why is Cory leaving Fresno? (Stranger in the Glade)
    • A. His family is moving and he wants to support and help his father.
    • B. The weather is too hot and dry in the valley.
    • C. He needs to get away so he can resolve his inner conflict (that he cares for Andi more than he should).
  18. What does Cory discover about Washington Territory?
    • A. He loves the logging business.
    • B. He loves the mild climate.
    • C. He loves the seafood.
  19. What old friend of Andi’s does Cory meet and marry? ____JENNY_____
  20. How long have Andi and Cory been friends?
    • A. since Andi’s first day of school at age six
    • B. since Andi and Cory went prospecting for gold
    • C. since Andi and Cory started racing their horses and fishing

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

68 thoughts on “Cory Blake Character Quiz

  1. I love quizzes and already sent in my entries! I’m SO GLAD you picked Cory Blake instead of Melinda or Mitch! I know Cory a LOT better than Melinda, and, believe it or not, Mitch!

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  2. Oh, and, Mrs. M? I forgot to put question 19’s full answer before I sent it in. Is that a problem? Should I resend with the full answer? Or should I just leave it?

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  3. You got rid of all your old tales?
    Can you get them back? I want to read them.
    Were they funny?
    Did you write them?
    Was it cold when you went to see the snow?


    1. I finally checked my email. I’ve been out in the garage getting ready for the upcoming homeschool convention this weekend, so I got behind on checking my email. sorry! It should be there by now.


    1. Okay . . . in order of submission . . .
      Sara, Emma A., Jane, Jaleena, Anaiah, Anna, Mary, Ruth, Madison, Jenny, Jack & Ruth, Rachel, Danielle, Samantha, Tom, Nicole, Kyra, Genevieve, Abigail, Ellie, Peyton, William, Jess, LilyFaith, RuthAnne, Becky, Emma M., Winter

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