Photo Friday: Vote on a Cover

Call me crazy, but I have had requests in the past that some of those longer stories you like to read could be made into real books to hold in your hands. Case in point: Long Ride Home Expanded edition, which adds thousands of words to the original book and delves into everybody’s points of view. Very popular, that book. So, I decided to rewrite, update, and put Trouble at the Line Shack into paperback. As many of you know (if you have read it), it’s the original trouble with treasure story, but Andi and Mitch are off on their own and the concept is a little different.

What do I need to complete this project (besides going over the story carefully and fixing tons of mistakes, and maybe even adding to it)? A cover, of course! So, here is where you all come in. I’ve presented many, many covers on Andi’s old blog, and it’s fun when you all can give input and vote on which design you like best. So, ta-da! I have two color versions that follow the pattern of the rest of the Circle C Adventures (and expanded Long Ride Home), and then I offer a third, totally off the wall version.

After this book, I shall TRY to finish Terrible Secret and create a paperback for that one too . . . hopefully this summer. My publisher was okay with me doing this to Long Ride Home, so I’m assuming it’s all right to do it for these others, so long as the only place you can buy the book is on my website.

Let me know in the comments which cover version you prefer–1 (green), 2 (gray), or 3 (something different)–and why. Oh, and if you find any typos in the back cover text, please let me know!

Cover spread #1 – Dark Turquoise

Cover spread #2 – Gray

Cover #3 – Something Different

Have fun and thanks a bunch!

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

90 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Vote on a Cover

  1. I really like green the best! Mostly bc it’s my favorite color 🙂 but also bc looks really good with the color of Andi’s hair and Taffy’s coat!

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  2. I like the #3-something different the best. It’s very unique and gives the books a different look. Maybe for all of the short story books use it for that to give them a different look? This cover helps give more focus on Andi and Taffy.
    #1 and #2 are also pretty and look good, but I would have to say #3 is my favorite.
    Thank you for letting the fans help pick the covers!!

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  3. I really like option #1 the best. I also like option #3 as well, but #1 is the best in my opinion.
    That is super exciting about Terrible Secret. It has long been my favorite of the lost stories, I can’t wait to read the ending.
    Thanks for letting us vote on the covers!
    ~Anna Elizabeth

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  4. I think #3 looks the nicest and will best represent the book because you can see the shack in the background. Also, because it is so different, you can tell right away that it is not an original book from the series and is quite special. I also like on the back of the cover, while the C Creations thing and the girl and horse kind of seem out of place on the first two, on #3 it blends in and looks really nice. In addition, I also think that the font on the back of the cover of the last one looks better than the first two. You can also see Andi and Taffy better in the last one because it is enlarged bigger than Turquoise #1 and Grey #2.

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  5. Love the green (1) cover! I think the 3 one is pretty cool too though!! I hope to read this one and Andrea Carter and the Terrible Secret!

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  6. OOOO! This is hard. I’d either say #1, or #3. Number one is such a pretty color, and it really enhances Taffy’s golden coat! But number three you can see the line shack, and it goes well with Taffy’s coat also. It also does stand out from the other books! *Takes deep breath* (I feel like the sorting hat for Hogwarts!) I’d have to say- NUMBER THREE!!!

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  7. I think #1 goes the best with Andi and Taffy! (It’s also one of my fav colors! Thanks for asking) so excited for it and the other book I hope you print!!

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  8. I love #1 if this book was gonna be another story all together to add to the series (you know, not a different version of one of the books already in the series), but in this case, for your additional stories, I think it’d be cool to go with a different look, #3.


  9. I’m torn between #1 and #3… I think if #1 had the shack on it, it’d definitely be my favorite. However, if #3 had teal instead of black borders, I think it’d also be really, really close. I LOVE the teal, and I guess I’d have to vote for #1, because it has the teal, yes, but also because the extended Long Ride Home has the same sort of design and it would seem a bit more like they belong together. Is there any chance you could put the shack in the picture for #1?

    Thank you for letting us vote! It’s such fun to see some of the Andi books on my shelf and be able to think “I got to help with that!” You’re a really cool author. = )

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  10. I like either #1 or #3. The turquoise in 1 is pretty and goes with the picture. No. 3 is unusual and catches your eye as to what trouble Andi has gotten herself into now.

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  11. It’s So Hard to Chose! I Like #1 and #3!
    I Love the green colour on #1 but the shack on #3 is really… Um…I Just like it!!!
    So I think You Should do #1 or #3!

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  12. I think that #3 is my favorite… Just because of the very unique colors, but most of all, I like the shack in the background! I think it adds an intriguing layer to the title. All three are great though- you couldn’t choose wrong! 🙂


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