Photo Friday: Vote on a Cover

Call me crazy, but I have had requests in the past that some of those longer stories you like to read could be made into real books to hold in your hands. Case in point: Long Ride Home Expanded edition, which adds thousands of words to the original book and delves into everybody’s points of view. Very popular, that book. So, I decided to rewrite, update, and put Trouble at the Line Shack into paperback. As many of you know (if you have read it), it’s the original trouble with treasure story, but Andi and Mitch are off on their own and the concept is a little different.

What do I need to complete this project (besides going over the story carefully and fixing tons of mistakes, and maybe even adding to it)? A cover, of course! So, here is where you all come in. I’ve presented many, many covers on Andi’s old blog, and it’s fun when you all can give input and vote on which design you like best. So, ta-da! I have two color versions that follow the pattern of the rest of the Circle C Adventures (and expanded Long Ride Home), and then I offer a third, totally off the wall version.

After this book, I shall TRY to finish Terrible Secret and create a paperback for that one too . . . hopefully this summer. My publisher was okay with me doing this to Long Ride Home, so I’m assuming it’s all right to do it for these others, so long as the only place you can buy the book is on my website.

Let me know in the comments which cover version you prefer–1 (green), 2 (gray), or 3 (something different)–and why. Oh, and if you find any typos in the back cover text, please let me know!

Cover spread #1 – Dark Turquoise

Cover spread #2 – Gray

Cover #3 – Something Different

Have fun and thanks a bunch!

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

90 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Vote on a Cover

  1. Love the shack in #3, but I can’t help but like the teal border, basket weave, and the fact that it matches the series so well of #1! Leaning towards #1. Could a shack be added?
    They are beautiful covers! Thank you for keeping us new reading material!!!!

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  2. I like the turquoise better then the gray, but I also like the ‘something different’ one. It’s just so unique! I just might pick it, but who knows!!!!


  3. #1 seems to “fit” with the rest of the covers better. I don’t really like #2 at all. #3 looks like a short story, not a book.


  4. I love how the top two match the others, I like option #2 gray. I also like the 3rd option. It’s really cool with the pict. in the background.


  5. When you finish the Terrible Secret ( there will be a when, right?), are we going to vote for the cover again?


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