The Best of Both

I’m blown away by all of the feedback for the cover of my most recent revising/playing/printing of the original Trouble at the Line Shack. Thanks! It was so helpful! It appears that the majority of fans like the dark turquoise and the traditional template (to match the published books in the Circle C series). However, a good many like the idea of the shack on the cover too and suggested I try to merge the two.

What a great idea, so I gave it a try. The #3 line shack, however, is set down in the foothills (I took the picture on a walk when I was in California). Actually, wrong kinds of trees. Andi and Mitch are stranded in the Sierra high country (i.e. mountains), and pines and firs are the background to any shack. And . . . most line shacks would be constructed from the trees in the area. Hence, a log line shack up in the high country would make way more sense.

Lucky for us, I took a picture of a log shack years ago. The trouble is, the cabin was the only thing in the picture minus any background. So, all I had to do was PhotoShop the shack onto the background of a pine forest, which I happen to have just outside my own cabin. I took a picture on Sunday and put everything together.

Honestly, I like it a lot and the resolution is better with the authentic log shack. Also, for those of you who want a different “look” with the font, I changed it to the font I used on cover #3. Now, I can use this shack as chapter breaks too! I am having fun. So, what do you think?

Sample pages with new shack graphic.

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

56 thoughts on “The Best of Both

  1. That is so cool! Thank you Mrs. M for merging the two!
    I read the description of the book (on the back cover) and in the main part at the bottom (before you get to the part about Cory and Jenny) it just ends (there is no period or the last couple of words).
    Thank you again for merging the two!!

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    1. Ok, scratch where I said the typo was. It is actually in the very bottom part about Cory and Jenny. The last sentence just ends without a period and the ending words.

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  2. I love this! I liked having the shack on the cover, and now with what you’ve done, it looks even more like an authentic Circle C book!

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  3. I LOVE the compromising!! The colors look exquisite, and I think the shack is perfect. Thanks for letting us vote, and then even doing changes for us! You are such a cool author! 🙂


  4. In the book doesn’t the shack have a porch not that it really matters i’ve read other books where the front cover doesn’t match completely with something in the book just wondering🤣

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  5. I didn’t realize what was missing in the shack option until others were saying how they liked the flow to the rest of the series with the turquoise.

    All of us here agree!! This one is PERFECT!!!!!

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  6. I LOVE it!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Just an observation, the cover ends with “You’l find twists and surprises not found in the officially”…

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  7. That is really cool Mrs. M! Designing is a ton of fun! My mom is a professional level graphic designer and business marketer I showed the post to her and she liked the cover (I actually think she was impressed!) but she had one tip- stick with the old font so that something other than the Circle C logo is recognizable. Just a tip take it or leave it doesn’t matter but I just figured I’d share! -Chantae

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    1. The font you’ve used on the other books* sorry lol I went back and read the comment and realized my brain was moving faster than my fingers so it didn’t really make sense -Chantae


  8. This is the best one out of all four! The color and style is like the Circle C Adventures and i love the shack in the background. Great job!!😀

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  9. In the first page of the second chapter it says, “It didn’t take long to confirm with him that she could catch a ride home, then off she went to Pigotts’ millinery shop and attached home.” The ‘attached home’ part doesn’t make sense to me…


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