Reader’s Choice Voting

Voting has ended for this contest. Lots of voting responses! Thanks! Winners will be announced on Thursday, May 12, 2022

Wow! Forty entries (twenty in each age category). That is half the amount of entries I used to get for the annual contest, which allowed much more time and flexibility in the entries. Thanks for your enthusiastic participation and excellent writing. So many great entries! I confess that it was very hard for us judges (three in all) to come up with the top 3 in each category. Shuffling and pondering and rereading! I’m so glad I have judges, especially this time!

I wish we could have listed the top 5 in each category. However, to read that many stories would take you guys too long. So, with apologies to the other finalists, it’s the top 3 as originally planned.

Voting for your favorite story begins today, Wednesday, May 3, and runs for one week. Voting closes at 6pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, May 11.

How to Vote

The Google forms below have links to the three top stories in each age category.

  • Click each link to read the stories. They are listed in the order they were received.
  • Then vote for the story you decide is your favorite.
  • Please vote for a story in each category.
  • You may vote one time in each age category.
  • You may NOT go back and change your vote.
Important Notice

Yes, you may vote for you own story if you are one of the top 3. However, you may NOT send every relative in the country the name of your story and a link to “go vote for it.” This stuffs the ballot box in your favor and is not ethical.

If I see one age category with an excessive number of total votes (compared to the other age category) and a huge slice of pie compared to the other slices, I will assume your story has been stuffed with votes, and it will be disqualified. It’s sad that I even have to mention this. But it has happened before in the distant past. I love reader’s choice awards, so I’m giving it another try. Let’s all have a good, honest time!

I look forward to a fun and successful reader’s choice award. The winner will be announced on Thursday, May 12. Have fun! (If you are not sure about the voting rules, feel free to comment and ask for clarification.)

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

55 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice Voting

  1. Wow, great stories! I had a hard time judging from three I don’t envy the judges that had to pick from twenty. There is so much talent and I love how the writers glorify God through the special gift He has trusted them with. For those who were not in the top three, I encourage you to post your stories. I know that a lot of time and thought went into them. I would love to read them as I’m sure others would too. I pray God blesses each one of you as you continue to grow closer to Him.

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  2. May my sister and I both vote? Our stories didn’t win, we don’t know any of the six winners, and we both participate in all the activities on the blog.

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  3. Wow. Just wow. All of the stories were breath-taking! (Sadly, mine wasn’t up there but the ones that were were AMAZING!) It was so fun to read them all. Thank you everyone!!!

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      1. I was just wondering because if I get mine finished I might see if you can put it on the fan fiction or something 😊

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    1. One thing; when i go to seasonal contest entries, my story’s title is A Sacrifice of Freedom. When i click on it to read, it says A Sacrifice for Freedom


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