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Note: I’m getting requests to vote on the character quiz for June. Go ahead and choose one of these: Mitch, Melinda, or Mother. I may have enough time on my hands in July that you can vote for whoever you want, but for June I have to go with characters I already have quizzes created. I don’t have time to come up with something entirely from scratch.

Congratulations to Anne (annele email, in case there are two Anne’s). Please contact me ASAP so I can mail you your prize. Anne was one of only six entries to receive a perfect score of 100% (out of over 30 entries). The other finalists were: Emma A., Elizabeth M., Isabel, RuthAnn F., and Jalaena. I was really surprised to see how many entries only missed ONE ANSWER, and most of you who missed ONE all missed the same question (#1). And it was an easy one at that. Curious about why you got it wrong? Keep reading and you’ll see. I copied the answers out of the book.

How well do you know Levi Swanson?
  1. What is the occasion of Andi’s and Levi’s first meeting?
    • A. when Levi slides down the banister: This is the answer so many of you chose. However, the book very plainly states that Levi’s first meeting is when he falls on Andi in the parlor (answer B). Levi slides down the banister railing in CHAPTER 6. With a loud whoop, the boy threw himself onto the banister railing. Betsy yelped at the sight. She scurried behind Andi and clung to her skirt. Oh no! Not again! (“again” meaning she had already encountered Levi earlier (in chapter 4).
    • B. when Levi falls on Andi in the parlor From Chapter 4 – Behind the screeching girl came a boy a few years older. His face was twisted in fury. He threw himself onto the little girl, who was struggling to right herself. Andi yelped when the boy’s weight fell on her. She grabbed him by his flailing arms and tried to toss him aside, but he was too strong. A fist connected with her chin. She clenched her jaw in pain.
  2. How old is Levi when Andi first meets him?
    • A. almost nine
    • B. almost ten
    • C. almost eleven
  3. Which of Andi’s brothers takes a liking to Levi and gives him a horse to ride?
    • A. Justin
    • B. Chad
    • C. Mitch
  4. What is the name of this horse?
    • A. Patches
    • B. Prince
    • C. Pal
  5. What do Andi and Levi both like to do?
    • A. fish at the creek
    • B. race their horses
    • C. play chess
  6. With whom does Levi get into a fight in the schoolyard?
    • A. Toby Wright
    • B. Johnny Wilson
    • C. Jacob Powers
  7. What event changes Andi’s and Levi’s hostility into friendship?
    • A. Levi sends a mudball into a passerby’s neck for wanting to see Andi thrashed.
    • B. Andi stands up for Levi during the schoolyard fight.
    • C. Andi lets Levi win a match race between their horses.
  8. Why is Levi frightened when they meet a stranger up at Andi’s special spot?
    • A. Levi believes that every stranger might be his father.
    • B. Levi sees how the stranger is treating his little sisters.
    • C. Levi recognizes his father.
  9. What decision does Levi make after Troy dumps a wet, shivering Andi at the children’s feet?
    • A. He agrees to go with his father if he promises to see Andi safely home.
    • B. He refuses to go with his father and insists on staying with Andi.
    • C. He decides to keep his father from riding off by chasing away his horse.
  10. How old is Levi when Heartbreak Trail opens?
    • A. twelve
    • B. thirteen
    • C. fourteen
  11. Levi’s job on the Carter cattle drive is . . .
    • A. wrangler
    • B. flank rider
    • C. cook’s helper
  12. Who made this suggestion?
    • A. Mother
    • B. Justin
    • C. Mitch
  13. What does the new cowhand, Toledo, demand of Levi?
    • A. to lug his stuff into the bunkhouse
    • B. to take care of his horse, Sultan
    • C. to do whatever he’s told
  14. Levi’s first day on the cattle drive is full of mishaps. What is one of them?
    • A. The horses took off running when he drove the chuckwagon.
    • B. He borrowed a horse to look for firewood but got thrown.
    • C. He tripped carrying wood and fell against a pot of beans.
  15. What are Andi and Levi doing when Toledo rides up and offers to help?
    • A. gathering firewood
    • B. rounding up stragglers
    • C. fetching water
  16. Why is Levi terrified when he and Andi get dumped in the river?
    • A. The river is filled with so much debris.
    • B. He can’t swim.
    • C. He and Andi get separated in the current.
  17. What does Levi want to take when he joins the search for his Uncle Chad?
    • A. a pistol
    • B. a faster horse
    • C. a grub sack
  18. To which job does Mitch promote Levi after Chad is injured and the other cowhands are hurt or have disappeared?
    • A. flank rider
    • B. wrangler
    • C. drag rider
  19. Levi becomes a hero to Andi when he . . .
    • A. saves her from a stampeding steer
    • B. rescues her from Toledo
    • C. helps her round up the missing horses
  20. Where does Levi find himself after entering the café for a late lunch?
    • A. trapped alone with Toledo and his partners
    • B. kidnapped and heading out of town with the rustlers
    • C. tied up with Andi in an empty stall of a livery stable

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