Fan Fiction Friday

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Between the contest entries and an original (7 part!) fan fiction from a new writer, things are hopping around here. So it’s time for another Fan Fiction Friday, where I spotlight any new fan fiction that has come in over the past month. Some of you who “lurk,” might have already read these stories, but for the rest of you, here’s the lineup! Read, comment, and give these young authors a little lovin’ for their hard work!

Note and an apology. Well, OOPS! My fingers got mixed up and I accidentally deleted every comment from about February to now. I am so sorry! So, if you’re feelin’ the love, feel free to go back and comment on the most recent stories. As the comments were deleting, I tried to cancel the operation but it was too late. I’m so, so sorry, young writers. All the fun comments about your stories are in a Black Hole forever. My bad.

Original Fan Fiction

Circle C Early Beginnings Parts 1-2 … Samantha S.

Circle C Early Beginnings Parts 3-4 … Samantha S.

Circle C Early Beginnings Parts 5-7 … Samantha S.

Andi’s New Friend … Sarah M.

Mystery Horse Contest Entries

Ages 9-12

A Sacrifice for Freedom … Brianna B.

The Mystery Horse (1) … Elizah B.

The Big Race … Naomi F.

The Wild Mare … Lexi W.

Adventures Sparked by a Pinto Mare … Margaret E.

Ages 13-17

Wayfaring Roan … Faith H.

The Mystery Horse (2) … Sarah M. and Zoey I.

The Mysterious Dapple … Maria and Julia

Never for Nothing … Ella Grace

Jed Hatton Rides Again … Sara and Allyson

A Crashed Party … Ella E.

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

5 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday

  1. Can you re-enter your story if it didn’t win and you are in the same age category?
    Also, can you team up with a sibling and enter a story with both names even if you’re in a different age category?


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