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Free Video Lessons

I busily got to thinking how I could still offer this very helpful workshop. I had already created all of the PowerPoint lessons for the class, so I decided I would reorganize and compile the “best of the best” lessons I used last fall and offer them as part of a free writing workshop. There are now ten weeks of fiction-writing lessons, along with a two-part “bonus” lesson on how to format your story and upload it for printing, so you can hold your own book in your hands.

You Need the Workbook

You will need to purchase either Writers Roundup or Writers Goldmine in order for the lessons to make sense (all lessons are based on the workbook). You can buy the workbooks here or on Amazon. If you already own a copy, these videos will really shine the light on each lesson!

Personal Feedback Option

If you want feedback to your assignments and answers to specific writing questions as you work through the workbook and the videos, I decided to offer one-one-one help via email. There is a fee for that service ($75), and it’s good until you have worked through all ten lessons. If you are interested, contact Mrs. M (I only offer a few slots).

Watch from Anywhere in the World

The nice thing about not doing live lessons is the flexibility. I have had requests from students in other parts of the world to take the class, but the time zones made it impossible to connect. However, watching these videos and completing the assignments can be done anytime. One-on-one emails can be answered at both the student’s and Mrs. M’s convenience.

Writing Videos Link

Circle C Writing Workshop Videos >>

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14 thoughts on “Writing Workshop Video Lessons

  1. If I could have had something like this when I was growing up and dreaming of writing books, I wouldn’t have waited until age 42 to get serious about developing the God-given talent that has (at age 86) made me an award-winning, best-selling author.

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  2. I took that class along with @SawyerMarie! It was AMAZING! I ended up publishing my novel The Children’s Home on lulu.com!
    Mrs. Marlow taught us a bunch and was so patient with us, editing our writing! I hope you take the opportunity–it’s definitely worth while! 😀

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  3. I hope to publish my book (A Valley Never Ending) on LuLu next year. I might just start off printing it for family and friends though.

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