Off to the Printer!

You will be happy to learn that I finally got my proof book from Lulu. I followed the exact same steps I laid out in the bonus lessons of the new Writing Workshop videos. Except for the fact that I created the cover on my PhotoShop program. But honestly, I could have created the cover just as easily on Canva (like I describe in the video).

At any rate, it should be a couple of weeks before the box of books arrive. There were a lot of typos in my proof copy. I sure hope I caught them all. The cover turned out very nice. Lulu does a nice job on my glossy covers.

Andrea Carter and the Terrible Secret

Well . . . now that Trouble at the Line Shack is pretty much finished, I suppose I’d better get to work on finishing Terrible Secret. Of course, I’ve lost all of the suggestions from a year ago. Sorry! I think they are all back on the old blog, which is empty now. Feel free to give any fun ideas on how I can finish that book.

You will be happy (I hope) to see that I have managed to create a cover for the book. Do you know how hard it is to think up colors that aren’t the same as the original Circle C Adventures?? I’ve come up with orange/rust. Not my very most favorite, but the blending ends up looking too much like the originals. Why, you ask? Because I have to use one of the original covers in order to have a template, and there are only so many colors my PhotoShop can offer, depending on which color cover I begin with, and I’ve tried them all. This was originally the Family Secret cover (red). At least it’s different. Go ahead and tell me what you think. It’s okay. I can’t find enough different colors to offer a voting chance. Sorry! And I’m kind of locked into this template now (because of Long Ride Home Expanded and Trouble at the Line Shack).

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

26 thoughts on “Off to the Printer!

  1. Hey, I was wondering, is this story different then the one that was on the stories tab? Trouble at the Line Shack with just Mitch and Andi.

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  2. I actually like the rust/orange color on that book! Normally I’m a blue and green person, but the way the orange almost blends into Taffy’s coat color is really pretty. It kind of pulls both the outside and the picture together, which i think looks really nice.

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