We Have a Colt!

Minnie Mae finally foaled! Who knew it would take this long? He is huge but healthy and happy.

And the Winner Is . . . Ruth Anne F.

Seven days ago, Ruth Anne guessed June 6 and a colt. He was born around 7:30 pm last night, June 6 (Monday). Two others guessed June 6, but both guessed a filly. They are Julia B. and Hannah. Good job on the dates, ladies.

Ruth Anne receives the Circle C calendar and the Circle C keychain flashlight. Thanks for playing, and I hope you all had fun. Now . . . on to the next contest! Keep reading.

Name the Colt Contest

You are invited to help Kristi name the new colt. Which means it’s time for another giveaway! In the comments, share which name you think this adorable little one should be called.

NOTE: I received 106 names, so in order to give Kristi time to thoughtfully consider which name she thinks fits the colt best, I have closed this contest a few hours early. Thanks for participating and watch for the colt’s name on Tuesday! Comments are now closed for this fun contest.

The naming contest is open for one week (June 7 – June 12). After that, Kristi (age 9) will choose the name she likes best for Minnie Mae’s foal and I will post the winning name on Tuesday, June 14. You may offer ONE name, not an entire list.

Don’t forget! If you do not include an email in the box before you post your comment, I will not be able to contact you if you win, which means you will not win anything even if you “win.” I’m so sorry if this happens!

The Prize

The winner whose name Kristi picks can choose one thing from the Circle C store (since you all seem to like that option for prizes).

Now, enjoy this gallery of newborn pictures and the 2.5 minute video and think about a name you believe fits the baby best. Have fun! Kristi and I can’t wait to read what you come up with!

Just born
How did this big boy fit inside her?
A quick (2.5 minutes) video highlighting the colt’s birth.

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139 thoughts on “We Have a Colt!

  1. Normally just my sister and I enter the contests but this time a lot of my family members wanted to try. Sorry, there are a lot of us. 😊
    (Ruth Anne)-Rags

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  2. Hi my name is Haylee and I am 9 years old. I love reading about Andi and Taffy!
    I think a good name would be Tootsie Roll in honor of Taffy! (:

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