The Colt’s Name

We have a name! Kristi chose the name out of 108 suggestions. Watch to learn what it is and why she chose it. Thank you, Kristi. You made this a fun contest. And thanks, everybody, for all of your suggestions.

Scroll down to watch Colton’s first week (Just over one minute.)

Two fans chose the winning name, “Colton.”

  • Donovan. He won the prize because he left an email, so I was able to contact his mother. Donovan chose the ceramic Goldtown mug.
  • Patience W. Sadly, she did not win because she left no email address with which to contact her. But I wanted to include her in case she reads this post so she knows she chose the winning name too.

I cannot stress how important it is to leave your email address in the box before you post your comment for any contest or giveaway! (You don’t have to leave anything if you are just commenting and “talking.”) But if you want to be contacted as a prize winner, I have to be able to “find” you. 🙂

What will Colton look like? Everybody who knows anything about horse coloring insists this foal is a full bay (in spite of his silver legs). A bay is some shade of brown with black points: mane, tail, and socks. His hooves are black, and his silver legs are “baby hair.” It will be fun to see if all the horse “experts” are right about this.

Minnie Mae and Colton
Colton’s First Week

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