Mitch Carter Character Quiz

We had a few mishaps, namely question #2 (about Mitch’s age at the time of him racing the Iron Horse. With that in mind, I allowed those who missed that question (and got everything else right) a chance to win. I try to be as fair as possible! However, if you missed #2 but also another one, that means you were not in the drawing. Or if you missed only one, but it was NOT #2 that you missed, you are also not in the drawing. Make sense?

At any rate, Daisy is the random winner out of six 100% entries. There were two dozen entries total. I know you want to know who the six entries were. Here you go.

  • Daisy
  • Emma A.
  • Esther B. (Essie), missed #2 only
  • Anna F., missed #2 only
  • Tori H.
  • Abby B.

Let me know who should be spotlighted in next month’s character quiz. Your choices are these “J” characters. Vote in the comments.

  • Justin Carter
  • Jenny Grant
  • Jack Goodwin
  • Johnny Wilson
  • Jed Hatton

These two awesome 11×17 posters. Reply to my email soon, Daisy, and the posters are yours!

How well do you know Mitch Carter?

Here are the answers (in bold). I have even included the page numbers where you can find the answers, unless the answer refers to all of the books.

  1. What is the name of Mitch’s horse? (Thick as Thieves, page 16)
    • A. Thunder
    • B. Chase
    • C. Sky
  2. How old was Mitch when he tried to race the “iron horse” (locomotive)? (Last Ride, page 38)
    • A. almost 15 years old
    • B. almost 16 years old
    • C. almost 17 years old
  3. During the summer of 1881, where was Mitch planning to go for a short vacation? (Price of Truth, page 61 )
    • A. Yosemite
    • B. San Francisco
    • C. the Sierra high country
  4. Which birth order is Mitch in the Carter family? (all books)
    • A. second born
    • B. third born
    • C. fourth born
  5. How long have Mitch and Peter Wilson been friends? (Price of Truth, page 68)
    • A. since grammar school
    • B. since their first Sunday school picnic
    • C. since Mitch stuck up for Peter during a street fight
  6. What breed of cattle does Mitch keep on the Circle C during his college studies? (Courageous Love, page 19)
    • A. Herefords
    • B. Shorthorns
    • C. Angus
  7. With which family members does Mitch sharing his hair and eye coloring? (any book)
    • A. Justin and Melinda
    • B. Mother and Melinda
    • C. Andi and Chad
  8. What does Mitch win in the spring of 1883? (Heartbreak Trail, page 25)
    • A. the coin toss to boss the trail drive
    • B. the argument to allow Andi and Levi to join the trail drive
    • C. the fight to keep Chad from going after the rustlers
  9. How many times has Mitch been shot? (any book)
    • A. once
    • B. twice
    • C. three times
  10. Which of Mitch’s positive character qualities often lands him in trouble? (Price of Truth, page 98)
    • A. his friendliness with strangers
    • B. his compassion toward his siblings
    • C. his loyalty to his friends
  11. What is the name of the college Mitch attends in Courageous Love? (page 18)
    • A. University of California Merced
    • B. University of California Berkeley
    • C. University of California Los Angeles
  12. What is Mitch studying at this college? (Courageous Love, chapter 2, page 18)
    • A. ranching
    • B. agriculture
    • C. veterinary medicine
  13. What two things can Andi always count on Mitch for? (all books)
    • A. doing her chores and taking her side in any argument with Chad
    • B. doing her chores and helping grooming her horse
    • C. doing her chores and keeping a secret
  14. Why can’t Mitch help Andi with her chores one afternoon after school? (Dangerous Decision, page 54)
    • A. He’s working with the yearling colts.
    • B. He’s out on the range checking fences.
    • C. He’s gone on a cattle-buying trip.
  15. What does Mitch do for Levi that shows he cares? (Family Secret, page 57)
    • A. He teaches Levi how to play checkers.
    • B. He stands up for Levi when Chad yells at the boy.
    • C. He gives Levi a horse of his own.
  16. What is one time when it appears that Mitch has “failed” Andi? (Price of Truth, page 63))
    • A. When he isn’t there to rescue Andi from Johnny.
    • B. When he tells Andi she is mistaken about seeing Peter with Ben Decker.
    • C. There is no time when Mitch has failed Andi.
  17. What is Mitch’s personal goal to help Andi after her near-death encounter with returning outlaws on Memory Creek ranch? (Stranger in the Glade, page 65)
    • A. Mitch will make sure that Andi’s home is fixed up and set back in order.
    • B. Mitch will make sure that Jed Hatton can never hurt Andi again.
    • C. Mitch will make sure that Andi is never left alone on Memory Creek again.
  18. What did Mitch give Andi on her 12th birthday? (Yosemite at Last, page 37)
    • A. a locket
    • B. a pocketknife
    • C. a hoof pick
  19. What does Mitch often lend Andi? (Thick as Thieves, page 35)
    • A. his horse, Chase
    • B. his dime novels
    • C. his lasso
  20. With which horse does Mitch win the Fourth of July race the year Jared is born? (Yosemite at Last, page 233)
    • A. Chase
    • B. Dakota
    • C. Shasta

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

197 thoughts on “Mitch Carter Character Quiz

      1. Cool!! We live on like 12 acres in NY (country NOT city) 😂
        And then our farm is like 20 acres!!


    1. @Ellie B. Oh!! I don’t live in Oklahoma but in Illinois I didn’t tell you I thought I did. My bad.😀


      1. @Patience W
        It’s fine😋😋☺️😅😃
        We are only 10 hours apart LOL😂😂 BTW how old are you? I am 14 !!☺️☺️


  1. Well, here are the results so far…
    12 Jenny Grant votes
    3 Jed Hatton votes
    2 Jack Goodwin votes
    1 Justin Carter vote
    1 Johnny vote
    More people may comment, but I do think Jenny will win!😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yay!!! Can’t wait! I’m still planning on doing some research in the books to try to do a character quiz about Riley and Andi’s “love” story

        Liked by 1 person

    1. @Tori H.
      Oh cool thanks!
      Btw I love you’re blog when I get my own email I will follow it, I can’t wait till I’m 12 then I will get my own email, I will also be able to follow this blog so I can’t wait!!


  2. I’ll just put some ideas of books I like to read. Besides the andi books, I like
    ” The Cabin Faced West”
    The whole series of Anne of Green Gables
    Laura Ingalls Wilder books
    Grandma’s attic books
    House calls and hitching post
    Dr Leslie books

    Those are just some ideas of books that I love to read over and over!😜


  3. I also like boxcar children. I read like a ton. So I have way more ideas that I could put on here but I won’t fill it up any more. 😁


  4. So far what I’ve counted for the character quiz is
    Justin, 1
    Jenny, 15
    Jack, 3
    Johnny, 3
    Jed, 2
    And I vote for Jack which makes 4.😀😄


    1. @Ellie B.
      I would have to say Price of Truth, Dangerous Decision, or Thick as Thieves. (I only read the first book of the Milestones and it was great!)


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