More Cover Voting!

My author friend, Donna Alice Patton, thanks you for your help with choosing a cover for her first Maggie and Em Mystery, The Search for the Madonna (set during the Great Depression of the 1930s). She even has a new website/blog here >> I am her administrator and am helping her set it up. There is not a lot of content yet, but you can go to “books for kids” and read excerpts from the two Maggie and Em books that are up and available for purchase. Here is the final cover. Note: I found better pictures to make the twins look more like different girls. Also, book 2 didn’t need help to decide. She found only one decent picture. But she needs your help with a new book she is writing for this series.

Before you run out and buy the books, I do need to include this important disclaimer: The Maggie and Em Mysteries (as you can probably tell from the title of the first book) include a Catholic worldview. For instance, when Maggie is afraid, she asks the “blessed virgin Mary” to help her, rather than going straight to Jesus Christ. This is a traditional Catholic belief, but as long as you are aware, the mystery is still a fun, wholesome read. The twins get in and out of a lot of exciting trouble, eventually everything works out, and God is over all.

Bottom line. Ask your parents if these books fit in with your family’s worldview before reading them.

Note: For Andi’s Catholic fans/readers, I highly recommend this series.

Vote for Your Favorite Cover

And now . . . it’s time to help Ms. Donna choose a cover for book 3, Secrets in the Cellar. Choose number 1, number 2 (in the middle), or number 3. She thanks you ahead of time, because honestly, we don’t know which one we like best. But you guys never have a problem giving your opinion.


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76 thoughts on “More Cover Voting!

  1. Could you tell us a little bit about the book because I like 2 but 1 might be more practical for the book Cover so I’m not quite sure which one I like more


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