Ten Left on Amazon!

If anyone still wants a San Francisco Smugglers book with the original cover, I just happened to stumble on it through my Amazon Central Author page. It’s only $2.58 and if you have Prime, then you also get free shipping. Now, that’s a steal!

Just thought somebody be interested. I looked to find other old cover “deals,” but alas, this is the only title left.

July 1 update. Unbelievable! Some of you must have run over to Amazon and bought the book for $2.58. You were the lucky ones. Leave it to Amazon to see that 6 books were quickly sold (out of 10) so they jacked up the price a dollar to $3.58 AND they added $3.99 for shipping. So, I don’t recommend this any longer. It is not a deal any loner.

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

24 thoughts on “Ten Left on Amazon!

    1. Whoops. Okay. There are stories from when Andi was little, and a few that I have put up on the Stories tab, like Hurrah for the Fourth of July and Where the Trees Meet the Bay, and a couple that I recorded as audio stories.

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    1. Well, I’ve already recorded two of them. You can find them in the Audio category. As far as any others? Are you kidding? I haven’t had a spare moment (or quiet) to record any others. And well, I kinda forgot about them in the middle of working on The Terrible Secret. I can’t do everything fast, you know. LOL So, I guess the short answer is no, I don’t have an estimated time. Sorry!

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  1. I had a question about your Circle C Christmas collection. I know you said you couldn’t sell it, because if I remember right, one of the stories is in the Tales from Circle C Ranch. I was wondering if you have considered taking it out and replacing it with a different story or just leaving it out so you could sell it?
    Or is there possibly a way to get the current one other than winning a giveaway?


    1. You are right on an accounts. I promised I would not sell it. But there are only four stories in it as it stands, so if I took out one that would leave three very short stories. It sounds easy to write another another story but that is harder than it seems. πŸ€ͺ And that date for that Christmas story that I would have to take out write be hard to replace with a completely different story. I did put the stories up on the stories tab if you want to read them. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘€

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  2. If you look, you will see I have updated this post. Amazon raised the price to $3.58 (I think they are out now and are advertising the third-party sellers) and slapped a $3.99 shipping on the book. No longer a deal. But it was fun while it lasted!


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