Final Voting

This has been a lot of fun, and since it went so fast, we can get on with the final head-to-head voting. I saw that most of you (but not all, I know!) settled on the barn in the background (and it does look more western) and the gold (which does look more western). And it’s not the same gold as Dangerous Decision, I assure you. It’s very hard to take the official template from Kregel and photo shop it to try and find a decent color. My “hue” slider is limited, sadly. But Dangerous Decision is a much darker gold. Also, a lot of you liked number 1, but since the setting was outside, maybe you went with the inside barn setting because of that and so chose the original “gold 2.” So, now you get the chance to choose ONE MORE TIME.

All three are gold covers. All have the barn setting. Now, which one?

  1. Andi peeking out from behind Justin/Chad? (the most natural looking one)
  2. Andi in front of Justin/Chad? (I had to play around to make this one work)
  3. Andi in front of Justin/Chad and leaning on a wooden ledge in the barn?

They have their pros and cons. You can see more of Andi in #2 and #3, but Andi looks more “natural” in #1. Also, it was hard to remove those “light” stripes from the original Andi in the barn photo so it doesn’t look as natural.

On Friday I’ll share the BCC (back cover copy) along with the final cover!

To see what I am up against, here is the original Andi picture that I have used in #1 and #2. You can see the horse cut off her whole left side. I patched it from other pictures to give her most of her overalls, but the arm is very difficult to fake.

Next to the first picture is the original Andi picture I used for #3. You can see I have a lot of issues to overcome! See the stripes? Now you know why they are there. The sun is shining into this half-finished barn.

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

78 thoughts on “Final Voting

  1. I vote #1! They all look nice, but #1 is more natural. I think how Andi is portioned doesn’t look natural in #3.
    #1 is my first vote. But also #2 is good too. But I’m voting for #1.


  2. I saved up all the votes from the earlier post More Voting, here is the ones I have!

    More Voting.
    New Justin and Andi (Gold 1#) – 5
    Original Justin and Andi (Dark lavender) – 2
    New Justin and Andi (Turquoise) – 2
    New Justin and Andi (Gold 2#) – 20
    New Justin and Andi (Red) – 0
    New Justin and Andi (Rusty orange) – 1

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  3. I’m torn between #1 and #2. Andi looks better in front of Justin, but she also looks better when she’s to the right of the cover. It would be soooooo great if you could put Andi in front of Justin on #1!


  4. I like the third one. I like how Andi looks and I like that the guy is behind her. I think it makes it looks more like the Andi is the mane character how she in in front of the guy.


  5. I like 3 it looks really nice Great job at doing these covers I would’ve never imagined that you took it from a different picture and just cut a bunch of stuff out!


  6. #2 looks the best to me. In #3 I was distracted by Andi’s arm/hand and I feel she isn’t bright enough compared to Chad. #1 is good too, but I like her in front best.

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  7. Oh, hard choice! Wow! You do an amazing job editing those pics into cover.
    I think I chose…#2.
    All three are great.


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