Melinda Carter Character Quiz

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Congratulations, Ellie B. You are the winner of the eight 100% results that came in. If you haven’t gotten my email, contact me so I can send you your prize. The eight entrants who got either all 20 questions correct (or who missed one but answered the bonus question correctly):

  • Patience
  • Ellie B.
  • Anna P.
  • Ruth Ann F.
  • Abby B.
  • Melody J.
  • Heidi J. (missed one, but got the bonus right)
  • Daisy J. (missed one, but got the bonus right)

The rest of you are welcome to check out the answers below and see which ones you missed. Thanks for playing! Next month: Justin Carter

Prize: Circle C Fun Pack

How well do you know Melinda Carter?

  1. Who is Melinda’s beau during all of the Circle C Adventures?
    • A. Peter Wilson: (not until the Milestones)
    • B. Jeffrey Sullivan
    • C. Reed Henderson
  2. What is the name of Melinda’s horse? (all books, especially The Last Ride)
    • A. Snowflake
    • B. Panda
    • C. Lady
  3. What color is Melinda’s horse? (all books, especially The Last Ride)
    • A. buckskin
    • B. paint
    • C. sorrel
  4. What did Melinda do to her cousin Daniel when he tried to drown her cat? (The Last Ride)
    • A. She tattled on him.
    • B. She slapped him.
    • C. She begged him to stop.
  5. Where did Melinda go for her sixteenth birthday? (The Last Ride, chapter 1)
    • A. New York
    • B. San Francisco
    • C. Paris
  6. What three things did Melinda do on her sixteenth birthday? (The Last Ride)
    • A. She went shopping, dined in fancy restaurants, and attended a concert.
    • B. She went to a ballet, met the dancers, and stayed up past midnight.
    • C. She went shopping, toured Central Park, and saw the Statue of Liberty.
  7. What are the two things Melinda is most nervous about the idea of getting married? (The Last Ride)
    • A. living in town and being a “town-girl”
    • B. having children and being a parent
    • C. planning the wedding and leaving home
  8. What birth order is Melinda? (all books)
    • A. third
    • B. fourth
    • C. fifth (Justin, Chad, Kate, Mitch, Melinda, Andi)
  9. How old was Melinda when she went away to “finishing” school? (San Francisco Smugglers, anniversary edition only. Hint: Andi was nine.)
    • A. thirteen
    • B. fourteen (the hint is Andi is 9. Add 5 years to that and you get 14)
    • C. fifteen
  10. What color is Melinda’s hair? (all books)
    • A. golden blond
    • B. strawberry blond
    • C. white blond
  11. Which tiny creatures bite Melinda multiple times? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. spiders
    • B. red ants
    • C. fleas
  12. What name does Andi use to describe Melinda when her big sister is dealing with conflict or strangers? (Price of Truth)
    • A. her “high and mighty ways”
    • B. her “softly spoken speeches”
    • C. her “grand lady airs”
  13. What orders does Melinda give Andi that shock her to the core (because her sister is not usually so bossy)? (Family Secret)
    • A. “Wash up at the pump so you don’t drag dirt into the parlor when you meet Katherine.”
    • B. “Change your clothes before you meet Katherine.”
    • C. “Go take a bath and comb your hair before you come downstairs to meet Katherine.”
  14. How does Melinda show that she easily fills Mother’s shoes as “mistress of the house” when Mother is away? (Family Secret)
    • A. She organizes the shopping list and oversees the bread baking.
    • B. She makes sure Andi and Levi get up in time for school.
    • C. She oversees running the whole house, plans the meals, and keeps Betsy and Hannah corralled.
  15. What advice does Melinda give Andi regarding the new, scruffy girl Macy Walker? (Thick as Thieves, chapter 8)
    • A. She tells Andi that she should ask Mr. Foster for a new seat so she can keep away from Macy.
    • B. She tells Andi to “do unto others” and be a good example to Macy.
    • C. She tells Andi to explain to Mr. Foster how terrible Macy is to everyone.
  16. Which two character qualities describe Melinda, according to Andi? (Thick as Thieves, chapter 11)
    • A. She is silly and non-sympathetic.
    • B. She is tenderhearted and idealistic.
    • C. She is patient and a perfectionist.
  17. In which month was Melinda married? (Courageous Love)
    • A. August
    • B. September
    • C. October
  18. Where was Melinda when the outlaws Procopio and his partner, Vasquez, held up the stagecoach on its way to Visalia? (Courageous Love)
    • A. She was staying with Aunt Rebecca in San Francisco.
    • B. She was with Mother, Mitch, and Chad on the stagecoach.
    • C. She was at home with Andi and Justin.
  19. Where is Melinda when Andi is married? (Courageous Love)
    • A. preparing for the reception
    • B. standing up with her at the altar
    • C. watching from the audience
  20. How many years apart are Andi and Melinda? (all books)
    • A. three years apart
    • B. four years apart
    • C. five years apart (if you got this one right, #9 is easy.)

Bonus Question: If you miss one of the questions above, you can still be counted as 100% “right” if you answer this two-part bonus question correctly.

Whom did Melinda (first and last name) marry, and what is the name of their new baby? Peter Wilson; William John

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81 thoughts on “Melinda Carter Character Quiz

    1. BTW Mrs. M wanted to say umm I don’t have the anniversary edition for SF Smugglers. Would it be cheating to ask how many years apart they are?…


  1. Are you going to do the list of all those who got 100% or got the bonus question correct? I really like seeing all the people who got it right.


  2. If we get more than one question wrong but the bonus question right, will you put it as 100%, or does it only count for one wrong answer?


    1. It counts as ONE wrong answer. So, if you miss one of the main questions but get the bonus question right, you score 100%. But if you miss more than one, then it doesn’t count.


  3. Also, Jeffery and Peter are both beaus in the series. Should I do the person the whole family approved of and loved Melinda for herself and not money?


    1. Umm it says the Circle C Adventures that’s the books like Long Ride Home through Price Of Truth not the whole series! 😉.Does that help??

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This is one of the easier character quizzes I’ve hosted. But giving you chapters (or page numbers???) in addition to the name of the book seems a bit much. In the old days, I never even gave the name of the book where you could find the answer.

    It seems like you are almost asking me to tell you the answers. A very strange phenomena. Maybe you aren’t all that interested in character quizzes any longer? The idea is to have a good time reading the books and learning about the characters, not to have me hold your hands and tell you exactly where to find the answers.

    Just sayin’ . . .


    1. I wasn’t the person who commented above but I LOVE these CQ’s!!!! Please continue to do them!!!!
      I’m going to crack open those books tomorrow and get started on this CQ!
      I enjoy doing them and they are fun!!!! 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. OK I’m sorry- I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Character Quizzes. I looked and read the entire book for question and cant find the answer:(. But I was not just trying to find the answer-from you:)-thanks though!!


    1. You really don’t need to read the book. The answer, if you “REALLY” know Melinda Carter, is obvious. LOL
      However, I will give you one more hint. Page 71. I can’t imagine how you missed it. It’s stated practically word for word.
      Good luck!


  5. I’m so sorry Mrs. Marlow I already have the answer to question 16, which I knew without reading the book. I meant to say question 12 I couldn’t find after re-reading the price of truth.


  6. OK I just emailed my answers though my sister’s email (I don’t yet have my own email) SOOOO excited for the 23rd!! I LOVE CHARACTER QUIZES SO MUCH!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw! Just curious, eh? Lol
        I don’t really know, actually, since I am out of town for the weekend and the entries are building up. I will know next week when I get home. 😉


  7. It’s so hard waiting for it to end!! Although I know I got one wrong, sadly. I couldn’t find the book the question was in until after I sent in my answers… But I think I got the bonus right, so hopefully I did!


  8. No, it was in Courageous Love. I couldn’t find the book because it was on my desk in my room and I didn’t find it until I had already sent in my answers. Thx, though!


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