Circle C Christmas Mugs

Update: Only 11 more followers to go before the 300 Followers Giveaway!

Like, I don’t have enough on my plate? I happened to go on SnapFish and they were having a coupon code sale, so I was able to create mugs for a lot less than their ridiculous price of $12.99 each. It was a good deal, but shipping is a killer. However, I am able to sell them to you guys for the same low price as the other mugs: $9.50 (and that’s a bargain since I give free shipping, and shipping suddenly went up a bunch. Eeks!)

Anyway, I only ordered 12 of these beauties, and I got them way ahead of time (before Christmas), in case anyone is interested. Anyway, enjoy the gallery. If you want to purchase a Christmas mug, click the button.

And stay tuned! I have a Circle C Christmas collection coming soon, as soon as my copies arrive!

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

38 thoughts on “Circle C Christmas Mugs

    1. Yes, it is. I found an older picture of Jessica (age 11) when their family went to the beach. I changed her pink sweater for blue and put her on the winter background instead of the beach. *so fun*


    1. I’m afraid KDP Amazon takes forever to send books. I haven’t even been able to order my author copies yet. I have to wait another day or two. Then it takes probably two weeks to get the books, so sorry! They will not be available for the look-a-like contest that ends a week from today. When I highlight the books in a blog post, you will know that they are available starting the day I post. I had a day scheduled, but I might have to move it back cuz I haven’t ordered yet. BOO


      1. @Emma A
        I live in Canada πŸ™‚ It didn’t snow for long, just on and off a little bit. It didn’t stay, and today it’s pretty nice here too, for the end of October πŸ˜‰ But we had real warm short-sleeves weather for most of October, which was nice!

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  1. Yeah! I love Mrs M Books And I can’t wait to read it I Like the photos of Andi with the snow in the back ground on the Mug,
    I love snow I like to build snowman’s and more!

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  2. I was so excited to learn that Amazon will offer the Christmas Collection. But now i realized that if i get it from Amazon, it probably won’t be signed. Or is there a possibility?


    1. Books on Amazon are shipped from Amazon, so of course an author (me) cannot sign a book that is shipped from a different bookstore other than the one I have on my own site. LOL But Amazon gives free shipping and so do I and the books cost the same on either site, so get it from me. (Unless you are International, then you will be happy to be able to buy it at all.) LOL


  3. So the Christmas Collection will be in the fan fun pack? Fun! I’m so excited for it to come out next week! And glad that you’re not done writing books, Mrs. M. πŸ˜€


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