What Am I? #1 – Jellyfish

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This was so fun! Thanks for all of the guesses. Many guessed a burning log but alas, that is not the answer. It is a closeup of a jellyfish! A giant one. My brother-in-law took the picture with his grandkids. They found it on the beach of Puget Sound (hence, the reason Jenny would know what it is and not Andi).

Five entries guessed “jellyfish.” Here is the winner: Congratulations, Lena S. Thanks, everyone, for playing! The other winners who guessed correctly were: Caia O., Maddie G., Katie M., and Mikah B.

The prize for guessing correctly (in a drawing from all who did guess correctly) is this pack of four “mini” posters (8.5″ x 11″). These are brand-new, and I’m excited to use them as a prize. Four Circle C posters to decorate your room: 1 Stepping Stones, 2 Adventures, and 1 Milestones.

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