Aunt Rebecca Quiz Winner

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Congratulations, Tori H. You won the Quiz. Here are the other winners (either 100% or missing one but getting the Bonus, which equals 100%. Scroll down to see the correct answers.

  • Victoria P.
  • Danielle N.
  • Anaiah B.
  • Christiana T.
  • Abigail B.
  • Kate D.
  • Tori H.
  • Sara M.
  • Grace B.

It was hard to land on a character, since many suggested in the email with their answers, and others suggested in the comments. I went through them and there was a 3-way tie between Elizabeth, Aunt Rebecca, and Kathrine. I chose Aunt Rebecca because Martha E. created it a long time ago, which means I only had to update and add (and not think up questions fresh from my head. Note: Since December is a super busy month and I already have about three giveaways lined up, I am taking a break from Character Quizzes until after the holidays. The next character quiz will be January 11th.

January character quiz will be Katherine Carter Swanson. And yes, the next month is Elizabeth Carter.


My new Circle C Milestones journals arrived, along with brand-new green Circle C Adventures journals. So, you may choose one of these journals for your prize.

How well do you know Aunt Rebecca?

All of the questions come from the Circle C Adventures or Milestones (I have not included questions from the Beginnings or the Stepping Stones, though I was very tempted because I could have thought of some good ones!) But I know you older fans have probably not read the younger Andi books, and I want as many as possible to have fun with this. You may look up all of the questions anywhere you can find them. You might find some of the answers under the character tabs or the timeline/family tree (but I don’t guarantee the accuracy of the blog). Thank you, Martha E, for this original quiz (which I updated and expanded).

  1. When Andi sees a buggy in the ranch yard, why does she immediately think that Aunt Rebecca’s is visiting? (Family Secret)
    • A. She is the only one who uses buggies
    • B. She is notorious for her surprise visits
    • C. She told them beforehand that she was coming.
    • D. Andi had seen Luisa preparing the guest room.
  2. What does Rebecca give to Andi for her wedding present? (Courageous Love)
    • A. a letter
    • B. money
    • C. a family heirloom
    • D. the inheritance of her estate and wealth
  3. Which Carter child is Rebecca’s favorite? (Courageous Love)
    • A. Justin
    • B. Katherine
    • C. Melinda
    • D. Andi
  4. According to Levi, Aunt Rebecca is . . . (Courageous Love)
    • A. “an easily agitated fussbudget”
    • B. “an interfering old biddy”
    • C. “all bluster, but doesn’t mean any harm”
    • D. “a rich and self-righteous busybody”
  5. Where did Aunt Rebecca take Melinda for her 16th birthday? (The Last Ride)
    • A. San Francisco
    • B. New York
    • C. Paris
    • D. Sacramento
  6. What has Rebecca always seen in Andi? (Courageous Love)
    • A. a stubborn and rebellious nature
    • B. a lot of herself
    • C. the potential for becoming a gracious lady
    • D. a knack for getting into the worst kinds of trouble
  7. What is the name of Rebecca’s driver? (San Francisco Smugglers)
    • A. David
    • B. George
    • C. Thomas
    • D. Jonas
  8. With which medical condition is Rebecca eventually diagnosed? (The Last Ride)
    • A. a heart condition
    • B. a lung infection
    • C. a wasting disease
    • D. a digestion issue
  9. What does Andi think will happen to her if she is cooped up in the city with Rebecca? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. She’ll get sick.
    • B. She will lose her temper.
    • C. She’ll get scolded all the time.
    • D. She’ll die.
  10. Which of Rebecca’s nieces or nephews has their aunt “wrapped around their finger”? (The Last Ride)
    • A. Melinda
    • B. Levi
    • C. Daniel
    • D. Katherine
  11. What is part of the reason Rebecca traveled to New York? (The Last Ride)
    • A. She wanted to buy gifts for her nieces and nephews.
    • B. She wanted to consult a heart specialist.
    • C. She wanted to see the sights.
    • D. She was visiting an old friend from her youth.
  12. How does Andi describe Rebecca’s handwriting? (The Last Ride)
    • A. spidery
    • B. exquisite
    • C. unreadable
    • D. fancy
  13. Whom does Rebecca think has “allowed the servants to run all over” them in her absence? (The Last Ride)
    • A. Levi
    • B. Katherine
    • C. her driver
    • D. Edith Whitaker
  14. In which kind of envelope does Rebecca always send her letters? (The Last Ride)
    • A. lilac-perfumed envelopes
    • B. rose-water scented envelopes
    • C. lavender envelopes
    • D. floral envelopes
  15. In which part of San Francisco does Aunt Rebecca make her home? (San Francisco Smugglers)
    • A. Pacific Heights
    • B. Nob Hill
    • C. Telegraph Hill
    • D. Union Square
  16. What are Rebecca’s two connections to Miss Whitaker’s Academy for Young Ladies? (San Francisco Smugglers) (You must include both “letters” for the answers.)
    • A. She and Edith Whitaker are dear friends.
    • B. She pays for a number of yearly scholarships.
    • C. She and Edith attended the Academy together in their youth.
    • D. She is a founding member and on the board.
  17. How did Aunt Rebecca trick Andi? (San Francisco Smugglers)
    • A. She told Andi that Lin Mei was the school’s servant.
    • B. She led Andi to believe she was a day student at the Academy.
    • C. She promised Andi that she could visit every weekend.
    • D. Aunt Rebecca has never tricked Andi.
  18. What does Andi feel she should do in order to keep Aunt Rebecca’s anxiety level to a minimum? (The Last Ride)
    • A. She will have to go along with everything Aunt Rebecca says.
    • B. She will have to stop breathing.
    • C. She will have to agree to attend Miss Whitaker’s Academy next fall.
    • D. She will have to walk and dress like a lady 24 hours a day.
  19. Who distracts Aunt Rebecca when she insists Andi drop everything and try on a skirt that she just fixed by lowering the hem?
    • A. Mother
    • B. Daniel
    • C. Melinda
    • D. Justin
  20. After her visit at the Circle C ranch, who accompanies Aunt Rebecca back to San Francisco?
    • A. Mother
    • B. Justin
    • C. Mitch
    • D. Daniel

Bonus Question. Getting this question right is your safety net in case you miss one of the questions above. You can still be counted as 100%. If you get it wrong, no worries. It is simply not counted.

Name Aunt Rebecca Carter’s two brothers (hint: they are twins).

Which character quiz should I host on next month? Choose one of these two that were part of the 3-way tie last month. Please leave your choice in the comments and not in the email with your answers.

  • Katherine Carter Swanson
  • Elizabeth Carter

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73 thoughts on “Aunt Rebecca Quiz Winner

    1. I think Katherine would be fun too since my name is Katelyn fun fact tho lots of times Katelyn is spelled like this Kaitlyn but my mom wanted it spelled with the E because she all ways loved the name Kate ~Katelyn or Kate 😉😜

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not only that . . . but in my experience I have found SEVERAL spellings for Katelyn: Katelyn, Caitlyn, Kaitlyn, and my granddaughter’s very unusual spelling: Kaetlyn. Go figure. I’m sure there are more that I have encountered when autographing books, but they elude me right now.

        This is true for Crystal too. My daughter’s name is spelled Kristel, and nobody ever gets it right. I should have spelled it Krystal. And there is also Kristle and Kristal. *sigh*

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  1. Mrs. M, you said Martha wrote this quiz. Would you be opposed if a fan created a quiz from the earlier books? I know of several younger girls whose parents don’t let them read the Milestone set so they can’t participate in many of the character quizzes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m a little confused on question 9…
    Who is the ‘her’ being referenced here, Aunt Rebecca or Andi?
    There could be correct answers for both characters in the choices..


  3. Which book is question 20 from? Aunt Rebbecca visited the Circle C a ton of times, and I think both Justin and Daniel accompanied her back to San Fransico at points.


  4. Looks like it is Katherine Carter Swanson for next month.👏👏👏 Does that mean that the next month will be Elizabeth Carter?


  5. Congratulations Tori H.☺️☺️
    I was going to do this, but I have been sooo busy with school I did not have any time. But maybe I will have time next time. 🙂😊

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Hi Mrs. M. I have a question for the CC giftpacks. Can you pick any CCA or CCM journal? Or only the ones shown as a bundle on the CC store? Also, when are you posting that scavenger hunt? Can you tell me what it’s about? And, when exactly is the Elizabeth Carter quiz coming out? Thank you so much!


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