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I’m excited because once I had 100 subscribers to my YouTube channel, I could change the link name to what I want. So I named the URL CircleCAdventures, of course! (Since the Back to School giveaway, I now have over 250! Yay!)

I even figured out how to put up an awesome banner to make the YouTube channel “pop.” If you subscribe, you will get an email notification whenever I put up a new video that has to do with the Circle C or horses. You don’t need a YouTube account to subscribe (only an email). Do you remember Minnie Mae’s foaling video? I have over 20,000 views. Who knew? And who would ever have thought that the “Rattlesnake in the Backyard” would garner over 1,000 views. Eww.

There are a number of “unlisted” videos that can be watched only if I share the link on the blog, like the Writers Workshop videos. I don’t want the whole world seeing those, just those of you who find it on my blog. Also, my “peek behind the curtain” videos of Here Come the Brides, Big Valley, etc. are “unlisted” except for blog followers like you.

But sometimes, I put up videos and don’t bother to announce them on the blog. If you subscribe to the Circle C YouTube channel, then you will get an opportunity to see everything, even the fun “shorts.”

Help me with video ideas!

In the comments below, let me know what kinds of videos you would enjoy watching. More book trailers (those take awhile)? Author interviews with young writers or old writers? A “Meet the Contest Judges” video? Something else? I’m open! I renewed by Zoom subscription so I can demonstrate more writing and publishing things using the Internet.

Brainstorm with me! What would you like to see videos of?

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

9 thoughts on “Circle C YouTube Channel

  1. This isn’t a video idea, but i think you should make a Colten playlist. You have a lot of videos on that cute little guy😀


  2. I follow your YouTube!!
    I have for a long time!

    I would love more Author Interviews or Meet the Judges.

    Thank you!!


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