Baby Goats Round Three (& Four)

Part Two

I’m adding Mango’s kids to this post from yesterday instead of creating a new post. MANGO kidded this afternoon, and of COURSE Ellie was not there again (and Mango is her goat). Ellie was in town taking her GED test, but her mother and I successfully delivered triplets. (Okay, so that is 13 baby goats in five days–and only one did not live). So we have six boys and six girls. And now the rain begins again . . . eeks! Anyway, enjoy this short from Kristel’s YouTube (she puts music to hers so it’s really cute). Mango and her new babies: two boys (brown and the white one, and one girl (another white one with brown socks). When the sun finally shines and all the kids and mamas go outside, I’ll post a video of the craziness! It will be so fun. Plenty of rocks to climb on and tender new grass to eat (spring comes early here, especially with all of the rain). Pictures below with Mango and her triplets (with Sprinkles in the background avoiding her mama’s new kids. Her kids are sleeping in a corner out of sight).

Scroll down for Part One of this post from yesterday.

If you look really close, you will see Sprinkles kids sleeping near the feed trough.

Part One

Same day! Sprinkles’s sister Cupcake followed with birthing two kids late this afternoon. So, both Sprinkles and Cupcake had their kids on the same day (uh…night). Instead of taking a nap like she planned because of our late night last night, Kristel ended up sitting in the stall and watching to see how Cupcake was progressing. She pr0gressed, all right. Much faster than her sister. And the surprise? Two BIG Dwarf Nigerian kids. They popped out so fast, and Cupcake (a firsts-time mother) went crazy over them. The kids were a little crazy too. They immediately got up to their feet and started walking all over the stall, even headed for the door. Like . . . whoa, babies! Where are you off to? We had to keep taking them back to the center of the stall so she could tend them.

Another strange occurrence happened while Cupcake was in early labor. She was groaning and making grunts, and her mama, Mango, who was in the same stall, comforted her! I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself. She lay down next to (last year’s) daughter, and Cupcake laid her head on Mango’s belly and rested. It was an amazing sight! (Mango is also due to kid this weekend.) It reminded me of being with my daughter for her babies’ births.

Anyway, here are a couple of fun pictures with proud Mama Cupcake and her two babies, as well as a fun YouTube “short.” So now we have nine kids in four days. Ellie named the first three but I can’t remember what they are and I have no idea what we’re going to name all the rest. We are just trying to get through these next couple of days. Then next week?? The full-sized dairy goats (Nubian, Alpine, mixed, etc.) will start kidding! We are thankful for a day delivery this time. Thanks for celebrating with us the beauty of new life! It’s a miracle!

Proud Mamas and their new families!

Just born!

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23 thoughts on “Baby Goats Round Three (& Four)

    1. Dwarf Nigerians usually have 3 or 4 and can have up to 5 or 6. Eeks! We were very happy for just two because more than that end up tangled. My DD can manipulate the kids inside a full-sized goat, but she can’t with the smaller Nigerians.

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    1. Ellie plans to sell Coconut and Mango (Mango hasn’t kidded yet), along with their kids to earn money for college next fall. She already sold Sprinkles and Cupcake to her mom. “Mom” plans to keep the girls and the best buckling, wether the others, and keep a wether for a companion for the buck and sell the rest to help pay for hay. It’s very expensive.

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  1. Awww! So cute! I have always wanted kids!!!
    I’ll never forget the time when I as a toddler was butted by a kid😃 That’s when I fell in love with them.🥰🐐


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