River Rafting in a Flash Flood

I had to share the latest with the Ross Ranch. We are drowning here in “Andi” country, which makes Family Secret, where Andi nearly drowns in a flooding creek, so real! It could happen just the way I imagined and wrote it. Very scary, those real creeks. Some of them are overflowing even the roads and we just got an alert: STAY HOME. Do not drive on flooded roads. Do not drown. Yes, very scary indeed.

Here is a video of their dry creek (a drainage runoff, really) flooding enough to ride the rapids. This is truly a dry bed 90% of the year. In fact, their grandfather hooked up a pipe (near where you can see the big drain pipe) so the ducks can have a little water to swim in, even in the winter. Not now! It’s crazy!

Thanks, Ellie, Julie, Susie, and Kristi for these entertaining videos, three in all (since there isn’t a lot else to do when the rain and wind simply will not stop). Keep reading for a raging creek video that pictures Andi’s fall in the creek exactly as I imagined it.

Family Secret “real life” raging creek.

I meant to include this video before posting but the auto-scheduled messed up. So I am adding it now. You can read the scene from Family Secret below this 14-second video. I saw this raging water yesterday and said, “This is it!” Muddy, roiling, and racing down to the valley faster than you think. Very dangerous . . .

Andi did not land in the mud this time. She lost her balance, tripped over a low-lying bush, and fell backward. The shock of icy water tore a scream from her throat.

Terror slammed into Andi’s mind as quickly as the swirling water closed in around her body. This creek was not the worn-out, muddy trickle from a month ago. It was a wild, raging flood. It slashed at her arms and legs when she tried to stand up. Her feet were swept downstream. A branch struck her face.

Flailing her arms, Andi broke the surface and gulped a breath of air. In that brief second, she realized she was traveling fast—faster than anyone could run. If she didn’t reach the creek bank soon, she’d be well on her way out of the foothills and into the valley.

There would be no rescue. Troy wanted her out of the way, and he’d managed that pretty well. Besides, she was so far downstream by now that he probably couldn’t catch her even if he wanted to, and she was sure he didn’t.

Andi found the strength to pull in one more breath of air. She was losing the battle. She couldn’t see anything but the foaming, muddy water. She couldn’t hear anything but the roar of the creek devouring her. God, please—

~ from Andrea Carter and the Family Secret

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17 thoughts on “River Rafting in a Flash Flood

  1. Looks like they were having a good time! That reminds me of a couple of years ago when our ditches started filling with the spring runoff. My brother and I blocked one of our culverts so the one ditch filled up higher than it would have, and then we launched a raft he’d made out of pallets and were taking turns paddling around the ditch on that. It was fun!

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  2. That looks SO fun! Cousins used to have a 3 foot deep 0 shaped divot in their cow pasture that would fill up with rainwater, and they’d swim in it.
    in winter.
    They also made boats for in it.


  3. In our creek by our house my brother tried to do something similar once when we had had a lot of rain! He didn’t go down the creek, but he did float in the snow sled until he got out. It was funny! 🤣

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  4. It has rained alot at our place too. Once me and my sister hitched our mini ponies up to our kayak and got them to pull us around the flood water


  5. My aunt and uncle were in CA yesterday for the bulldogs game and they sent some pics of the roads and there was water on both sides of the road and it was going across the road too!😬- Katie Moen


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