Here We Go Again!

The “big” dairy goats are dropping their kids in between flooding rain, thunder, and all manner of horrific weather. It was a cloudy but rain-free day today. Do goats know these things? The herd queen, Velvet (100% Toggenburg) for the first time ever (this is her fourth kidding) dropped triplets. Terrible ordeal. Head only, hanging out of her. Kristel had to go inside and manipulate and praise God, he was delivered. Second baby . . . head and one leg. More messing around. Poor Velvet! We thought she was finished so Kristel went back to the house for a bit. Yikes! I caught a third one (and I do mean caught). Velvet likes to deliver standing up. But all three are fine now and very cute. Two girls and a boy.

Just as we were finishing up with Velvet, her daughter from last year went into kidding mode. A first-time mama (half Toggenburg, 1/4 Nubian, 1/4 Alpine), she delivered two HUGE kids: a boy and a girl. She was so tired afterwards that she closed her eyes. Poor thing. Another terrible experience. (We are thinking the minions, AKA Nigerian Dwarf goats) are less work and less stress.

Anyway, here are two cute video shorts: Velvet and her babies first. Rachel and her babies just below. Enjoy!

Velvet and her Kids

Rachel and her Kids

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15 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!

    1. I answered the hay question yesterday. πŸ˜‰ And no, we will not keep most of the kids. They will be sold to buy hay for the horses. The goats…. Once it stops this infernal raining… Are free to roam and graze the huge yard, which is irrigated. The hay goes to the horses. They are mighty expensive to keep. Goats are cheap too keep.

      And I told Kristel just last night. Keep the hens healthy! Eggs are $9 for a dozen and a half (18) at Costco here in California!!!


  1. I sympathize with youπŸ₯±. Goat kidding time is so-well you never no what’s going to happen! Our goats are due soon


  2. I love goats! These are so adorable! I’ve never had triplets, but I do get twins most of the time my goats birth.
    I have Nigerian-Oberhassle mixed. They are gorgeous. The babies are the size of both my hands when they’re born, just about the size of a full grown cat. Incredibly sweet goats. πŸ€—πŸ’—


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