Caught by Surprise

Kristi’s goat, Grace, whom she raised last year on a bottle (because its mom rejected it) is grown up and had her own kid today. A complete surprise, as we thought Grace would not kid until the end of the month. So, here we are on the one beautiful sunny day this week, and all of a sudden we see Grace under the eucalyptus tree giving birth! Kristi (age 10) told mom this morning that Grace looked “funny,” but Kristel just blew her off. Her udder was so small that we figured she couldn’t possibly be due yet.

Okay, Kristi was right. After she gave birth late morning in the part mud/part weeds, we hauled her to the stall in the pictures. Relief. And Kristi took over. She helped the new baby nurse (I think she’s naming it Silver Sundae, but you will have to check her blog to confirm this, as she might change it before she posts). Now she is on placenta watch wearing a black glove and keeping a Walmart bag nearby. The doe expelling the afterbirth is very important … plus, we don’t want her to eat it, which she will.

Enjoy the pictures and the video!

Kristi and her pet doe, Grace + baby
A sweet photo moment with mama and baby.

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

19 thoughts on “Caught by Surprise

    1. We live on the mini ranch from October through April. Then we go back to WA for the summers on our own 14 acres of wilderness (with bears, coyotes, moose, and a cougar, plus wild turkeys).


    1. If you saw it you would know why. It’s huge and completely unnecessary. A hold over from wild animals eating it to not leave evidence of a birth…. It protected the new born.

      It’s better the doe fills her belly with molasses water and a little grain instead of that bloody disgusting afterbirth. 🐐


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