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This is my idea of thinking of something to post for Photo Friday. I know it’s not that creative, (scroll down for the actual post, LOL). but it’s been really bus around here. What has Mrs. M been doing, you may ask? Read on.

  1. Between the middle of November through after Christmas, I’ve traveled over 4,000 miles back and forth from CA to WA, back to CA then to IL and then back to CA and then up to WA and back to CA. Staying put now. Missing the storms that wracked the rest of the nation, but I’ve finally been caught. More rain than Noah if you ask me. Horses are miserable; goats are miserable (and due this weekend!!!), chickens are miserable. Only the ducks like it. The stalls are filthy and muddy, and CA mud is not to be taken lightly. Put your boot in too deeply and you will never get it out. This is the exact rain and wind that Andi experiences in Thick as Thieves when Taffy foals. No fun at all and pretty much the same time of year. (Not to mention her being caught out in the storm during Family Secret just before Thanksgiving Awful!)
  2. My best goat, Chocolate Chip, snapped her front leg bone right in two, just above the hoof. We have no idea how it happened and Chip didn’t seem to notice the injury, except she was hobbling around on three legs. It was terrible (I will spare you the picture). She was so pretty and my special little gal. She had to be put down (in the same manner as most livestock). I will spare you the details.

3. A few days after Christmas, Mittens, one of the kittens (I have Rosie, one of the others) from two years ago, had a full blockage. Again, I will spare you the details. Suffice to say, my daughter was bawling her head off and needed her father to “take care” of this pretty two-year-old cat (her husband, Sean, is a city boy and too soft-hearted to take care of this). Yes, some cats have vanished over the years and are no doubt “bobcat” fodder, but you never know for sure, and you can imagine they are still roaming free. But when you know the poor cat is going down and is sick with no hope of curing, it’s very sad and terrible. “So much death!” my daughter cries. Mittens must have eaten something that never went through and got his intestines tied in a knot.

4. I have a new “audio” thing going and had to upload every chapter of every book of every series to my Google Drive so that this company can put my audio series on mini-MP3 players (no more USBs). More on that later, when I get them. They are the most awesome things I’ve ever seen. But that took a long time. I also had to upload EVERYTHING to Whillo, a new streaming service and I’m so happy this other company wants to do royalty shares with my books. YAY! They have put up two of the Beginnings books so far, so I will wait until they have a lot more before I do a Shout Out about them.

5. I have written five chapters in Valley of Treasure (GTA book 6) and feel I should do that rather than create FUN blog posts. *sigh*

Now, for the actual Photo Friday post

Over the holidays I decided to add a few designs to my Mini Posters. Sometimes, if an order is large enough for books or products that I can ship them “flat,” I will sneak a surprise poster into the order. (Sometimes I can’t fit one in though.) I originally had a 4-poster set (all 8.5″x11″) but have now expanded it to include the CCBeginnings and both of the Goldtown series. Why? Well, just for fun. Seven poster set >>

Seven Posters (8.5″ x 11″)

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