The Grand Finale

Finally! The Ross Ranch’s last goat kid arrived today (Tuesday). A little female, a cross between a purebred, papered Nubian doe and a purebred Nigerian Dwarf buck. She is an F-1 mini Nubian. F-1 means the first generation. If this little doeling is bred to a Nubian buck someday, then her kids will be F-2 generation and will have very floppy, Nubian ears. Eventually, they look like little mini Nubian goats (and not like Nigerians any longer). And they are dairy goats and eat less but give lots of milk. What’s not to like?

Priscilla (Prissy) had the best and easiest delivery of all. During the day (noon), and she got right down to business and delivered this cutey. This baby never stops eating! Stood right away too. Very energetic. One kid birth has got to be the easiest thing in the world.

Breakfast in Bed. You deserve “breakfast in bed,” Prissy, for delivering this cute doeling as easily as I have ever seen it done.

When I get a few extra minutes, I will post a full photo gallery of all of the goats the Ross Ranch is keeping, their names, and their photos.

News Flash! Stay tuned for three fun giveaways coming in March.

  1. Guess the foaling dates for Jewels and Scarlett.
  2. Guess the coloring for Jewel’s foal (Tobiano mare and Cremello stallion). We have the genetics and the percentages for the different combination possibilities. This will be posted so you can make educated guesses on what sort of foal she will drop. (No guessing the color needed for Scarlett’s foal. The genetics testing results are “in.” (Kristel sent tail hairs to UC Davis for testing.) Scarlett’s sorrel genetics with Full Moon’s cremello genetics = one possibility. PALOMINO!)
  3. Name Jewels’s foal. (No need to name Scarlett’s. Colt or filly, the name is Taffy.)

Better pictures will be included as the time grows nearer! Goats are done. Bring on the mares! Scarlett is the sorrel (pregnant with “Taffy”). Behind her is Jewels, the pregnant tobiano. To the right is Lacey, the “old lady” mare, also a tobiano but not pregnant. In front is Colton, before he lost his baby hair and turned into a dark bay with black stockings, black mane, and black tail.

For those who have missed out (or want to catch up) on Colton, the mini colt, you can see it all under the Colton category >>

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14 thoughts on “The Grand Finale

  1. Can’t wait for the giveaways! About about the gender of the colts\fillies?
    The little doe is so cute! When you do photos of the goats and their babies, can you also include a pic or two of Colten? Thanks


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