Colton Update

Colton is 8 months old. It’s been a while since I did an update on our favorite little mini-colt. A lot of things have happened in his life, a couple being life experiences he would not choose if he didn’t have to. The first one is being weaned. We covered that issue in the last update, Time for Colton to Be Weaned (December 24). Yes, it took forever, with many setbacks due to horrible weather and not enough dry places to keep Mama and Baby separated.

Finally, just a week or two ago, we decided to put Mama and Colton together to see what would happen. Success! Colton ignored Mama and went after the new grass in the round pen. Mama ignored Colton and went after the grass too.

Colton 8 months old and finally weaned!

Colton is taller than Mama. He is over 9 hands high. He looks fluffy and very “pony” like in the picture. But you can see his bay markings. His mane and tail are also black. We will clip him in April and he will look amazing and more like a miniature horse than a miniature pony. Here he shows how nicely he leads (but he doesn’t like leading from the right side).

No Longer a Stallion

Last month, the vet came out and did a “snip-snip” on little Colton. He is now a gelding. One would think this would bother him (pain?) but no, he acted like nothing had happened (once he regained his senses after the mild sedative). He had his own stall for two days and was waited on hand and foot like the little prince he is. His own grain, the best alfalfa.

Trailer Loading Time

Just this week, Kristel decided it was time for Colton to learn to load in the horse trailer. It went well (so long as Susie kept the grain coming), but it was a different story when there was no grain. I finally found the lasso and she encircled his rump and tugging while pulling gently on his lead line. Between the grain and the lasso and the tugging, he successfully loaded (and unloaded) a number of times. But it was a lot of patience and work.

Here is Day One giving it a try. Colton decided once was enough and didn’t want anything to do with loading after the first time or two. He also needed a little “back up” training. So fun to work with a small horse! Scroll down for the success story!

Two days later, Colton returned for more trailer training. No need! He loaded and unloaded like a smart little gentleman. What a sweetie!

I hope you all enjoyed this Colton update!

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32 thoughts on “Colton Update

  1. Aww he is getting so big!

    My horse is 8 years old and still has loading problems.
    When we took my horses to the county fair in August, Shyra (my horse) loaded the trailer like a gem. The way back was a whole different story.
    I did the usual, I walked her up to the trailer, but
    we spent probably over an hour getting her in .
    We have probably had like 10 people with us trying to get her in.
    She was not having it.
    She was rearing and yanking at the lead rope.
    We finally had one of the 4H leaders who knows everything about horses come and help us.
    She got her in! What she did:
    She tied a rope to one of the trailers doors and the other side of the rope my sister held.
    Joanne (the leader) started pulling Shyra into the trailer, not giving any slack unless Shyra took a step forward. Then she gave her slack, a treat and a pat on the head.
    If Shyra tried to back up, the rope was there.
    I think Shyra would’ve loaded better if Johnny (my other horse) was in there first, but he doesn’t go in unless she is in there first haha! If she’s in there there is no problem lol!

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment haha!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, haha, she is 15.2 hands.
        I have been working with Shyra a lot on that though…. so hopefully she will be better!


  2. Was checking out Andi’s Attic…the link doesn’t work?
    It showed I can click on it and when I do it says page not found.
    Just thought I’d let you know! πŸ™‚
    Tysm for posting Mrs M! πŸ˜€


    1. Not sure what you are talking about. Andi’s Attic is the Home page now. I click on it (the tab at the top) and it takes me to the Home Page/Attic.
      There is no image of Andi’s Attic, so what are you clicking that goes to “page not found”? On what page are you clicking this “Andi’s Attic”? From the Colton Update post? That doesn’t make sense. I did not put any links to Andi’s Attic on that post.


      1. Ohh! I forgot to add the rest of the comment, the Colten and Horses tab link does not work in Andi’s Attic.
        Sorry! Posted the comment too sudden. lol


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