Time for Colton to Be Weaned

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Colton is six and a half months old, so guess what? It’s time for him to be weaned. He is SO not happy about this idea and spent a lot of time whinnying and running around his separate paddock today. Minnie Mae was not excited about this either and whinnied at first. However, after about an hour she thought it was an excellent idea to wander out and be with the rest of the mares, leaving Colton to his own devices. Minnie Mae whinnied once in a while just to remind her young colt that she was still in the neighborhood. Sadly, all Colton had to look at were the pregnant goats, and they are no fun at all!

However, Colton is more than ready to be weaned. At nine hands high, he is now taller than Minnie Mae (Mama). Look at this picture from last week! Wouldn’t you say he’s much too big to be nursing? We cannot figure out how he twists about to get his head under Minnie Mae’s belly to find her udder.


You can watch Colton run around trying to find a way back to mom in this fun 40-second video Kristel took today. Sadly, as I am creating this post, I hear little Colton whinnying his heart out. It is going to be a long night . . .


Colton is acting just like baby Taffy did when Chad told Andi it was time to wean her from Snowflake, her mama. Andi did not like this idea, and Taffy liked it even less. Taffy kicked the stall, whinnied, and was altogether lonely and miserable. Andi spent the night with her weanling, but when she saw that Taffy had hurt herself while she was away at Sunday school, Andi led her foal back to Snowflake (thinking no one would know). How do you think that turned out? If you think Chad figured it out quickly, you are right. So, Taffy was weaned the hard way . . . taken to another rancher, and Andi learned her lesson.

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28 thoughts on “Time for Colton to Be Weaned

  1. Do you have a laid back mare or gelding (or even a goat) that he could buddy up with while weaning? I always found that some kind of companionship makes for an easier transition than being all alone.

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    1. He can see everybody and see his mom. He just can’t get to her. And if the goats weren’t due to kid in the next few weeks, we would put him with them. But we don’t want any issues with the does. We dunt have any wethers at the moment.

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