Fun Giveaways

It’s really hard to sell fun little things because the shipping ($4.00) sometimes costs more than the item, which is a crying shame. If kids bought other things and “added” a fun little item, it wouldn’t hurt so much for the buyer.

At any rate, I have acquired some really fun new items possibly for giveaways, along with a couple of ones I’ve had. Here they are, old and new! Which do you like best? Do you have other ideas for fun Andi fun stuff (not T-shirts. I cannot make them pay. They are too expensive and I would not know which sizes to get. Sorry.)

I’ve had requests to offer gift cards for sale. I looked into it, and it would cost me $69/year to install that new, upgraded Plug-In on my store. I don’t think I can justify the expense at this time. It does look beautiful, and the cards are so pretty and you can pick any amount you want, but I don’t see how I can do it. That’s a big expense, and what if nobody uses them? πŸ˜₯

I created these new large 2″ stickers for Goldtown and Circle C. Sticker Mule gives free shipping all the time and every Tuesday is “deal day.” I got 50 stickers for $19 + free shipping. That is a real deal!

And I created a Circle C mousepad to use with my computer. It’s so cute!

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

49 thoughts on “Fun Giveaways

  1. Oh wow! These are awesome!!!
    Myself I think I like best is the keychains, stickers, and mousepad! Those look so cool!! πŸ˜€ Also the stickers look neat!! Well, everything does!! πŸ™‚ lol
    Don’t currently have any ideas for more things but I’ll surely be thinking of some!!! πŸ™‚

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  2. Ooo these are soooo cool!!!! I LOVE the stickers and the cards and the Lollipops, I love it all! I don’t currently have any ideas…but I’ll be thinking!

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    1. @Hadleigh
      YES!!! I agree with you, totally about the cards!

      Maybe you could do coloring books? Games? (these are probably not the best ideas-sorry)!


  3. I think that the keychains are cool & the computer mouse pad too!!! Also, the stickers………….. But it is all really neat!!! (I think that more bags would be fun! Just a thought.)

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    1. Bags? You mean tote bags? They are already giveaway items, and only because the first batch I had printed did not turn out like I wanted so they gave them to me free. Otherwise…. They are too expensive to give away except very rarely.

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    1. That’s a good idea! Instead of pics of their mother and father, you could do a pic of Andi on one side, and a pic of Taffy on the other! πŸ˜€

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      1. Nobody will buy them, I guarantee it. Besides the cost, unless they add it to another part of their order (and get free shipping over $25), they will have to pay $4.00 just to have it shipped. Last year I gave free shipping on everything, but I can’t afford to do that any longer. When the price of the item is less than the shipping, I just lose money. I sell stuff for only a dollar or more than I paid for it (like even the mugs. They cost me about $6.00 to buy). I only charge $8.00 but then with $4.00 added on for shipping, you are paying $12.00 for a mug. The same thing would happen with a locket or T-shirt or any of those other really expensive items. A T-shirt would cost ME $10 each just to have them made. It’s not worth it because I hardly sell any of the fun things.

        I have pens and magnets and those fun keychains, and the keychain flashlight and the “fun packs,” and all kinds of things (like the playing cards) but it costs more to ship than they are worth. I hope that makes sense. That’s why I don’t sell a Circle C pen. It costs me $3.00 to have one made. So I have to charge $4.00, but then $4.00 shipping? And $8.00 pen? Uh, nope. Nobody would buy them and I’ve got a BUNCH.

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  4. The Lollipops are such a good idea, and the playing cards look so fun! I sugest
    circle c freidnship bracelets
    circle c neclaces
    fake toy rattlsnake rattlers
    circle c patches that you sew on, with the circle c symbol on it

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  5. I would also like the CC hats as a prize for a giveaway. They look great!
    P. S. Could you maybe tell me when the giveaways are starting?!πŸ˜€πŸ˜„


    1. I only have six or so hats left. I can’t use them for giveaways because I need them in the store and I don’t want to run out.
      As far as telling you when the giveaways are starting….I’m not sure what you mean. I’m not running some super giveaway thing. I’m just collecting new things for the various giveaways I already put on, like the character quizzes and “What Am I?” and mini-writing contests, etc. If you follow Andi’s blog, you should get an email when there is a new post.


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