Elizabeth Carter Character Quiz

Note: I should mention that I have received very few entries so far. I usually get a bunch right away and the rest of them near the end. If I don’t have a lot of entries, I will assume everybody is tired of these quizzes and I will not go to all the work to offer them any longer. Just an FYI.

The winner is Sara M. Random.org chose her out of eight qualifying entries. Only one entry got 100% of the questions right (Kinsey R.). The rest got 100% because although they missed one, they answered the bonus question right (good thing I have that bonus question, eh?) Here are the qualifying entries in the order I received them (and used Random.org). Scroll down to see which answers the rest of you missed.

  • Anna I.
  • Kyra J.
  • Micaiah C.
  • Sara M.
  • Natalie L.
  • Jalaena E.
  • Kinsey R.
  • Kate D.

Since this is the same Elizabeth Carter (Mother) quiz but from the older books, I’m offering the same prize! Any Circle C (or Goldtown) digital audio book, plus a brand-new glossy, acrylic keychain (choose “Taffy” or “Mane Flowers”).

How well do you know Elizabeth Carter?

The book from which the answers come are included. Have fun and good luck!

  1. What is Mother’s favorite saying? (Yosemite at Last)
    • A. “It’s over and done with.”
    • B. “All’s well that ends well.”
    • C. “Let bygones be bygones.”
  2. When they first started ranching, which two children did Mother and Father take to round up cattle in the spring and the fall? (Heartbreak Trail)
    • A. Justin and Chad
    • B. Mitch and Katherine
    • C. Andi and Melinda
  3. What two things does Mother receive for her birthday? (Price of Truth)
    • A. a hairbrush and a pearl necklace
    • B. a vintage patchwork quilt and a new saddle
    • C. a George Catlin painting and a music box
  4. What two things does Mother tell Andi to include on her first cattle drive? (Heartbreak Trail)) Mother took me aside and told me to include my toothbrush and tooth powder. She didn’t say anything about a hairbrush.
    • A. a hairbrush and a comb
    • B. a toothbrush and tooth powder
    • C. a bandana and her hat
  5. What is Mother’s unspoken rule on the Circle C? (Dangerous Decision)
    • A. Always admit when you are wrong or make a mistake.
    • B. Show hospitality to ranch guests.
    • C. Never be late for breakfast.
  6. According to Mother, what is no one allowed to be in the Carter family? (Long Ride Home) In this family, no one is allowed to be a coward because of a little embarrassment.
    • A. a coward
    • B. a gossip
    • C. a whiner
  7. In Mother’s well-worn tale, what did she and Father “stumble across in the nick of time” when they were caught in a blizzard? (Heartbreak Trail)
    • A. an old prospector’s cabin
    • B. a fur trapper’s cabin
    • C. a cave in the mountains
  8. What did Mother promise Andi if she went to San Francisco? (San Francisco Smugglers)
    • A. She could come home after a month.
    • B. She would have a daily allowance to spend on whatever she liked.
    • C. She would be a day student at Miss Whitaker’s Academy.
  9. What two colors are Mother’s birthday cake? (Price of Truth)
    • A. pink and white
    • B. lavender and white
    • C. blue and white
  10. Justin retells the story of a past stagecoach holdup. In his account, which stagecoach was held up with Mother aboard it? (Courageous Love) “Remember eight years ago? Procopio and his partner, Vasquez, held up the Visalia stage.”
    • A. the Visalia stage
    • B. the Yosemite stage
    • C. the San Jose stage
  11. On that same stage holdup, whose words can Mother “never forget?” (Courageous Love)
    • A. Mateo Vega’s
    • B. Procopio the Red-handed’s
    • C. Joaquin Murrieta’s
  12. In which month is Mother’s birthday? (Price of Truth & Stranger in the Glade) And nobody was going to find out about it until they gathered for the party at the beginning of October.
    • A. February
    • B. October
    • C. December
  13. What does Mother usually call Father? (The Last Ride) “Jim’s not here,” Mother said in a low, tight voice.”
    • A. James
    • B. Jimmy
    • C. Jim
  14. What does Mother want Andi to do after she heals from her gunshot wound? (Dangerous Decision)
    • A. She wants Andi to join the family for supper.
    • B. She wants to promise not to leave the yard on Taffy.
    • C. She wants Andi to identify Jed Hatton.
  15. What does Mother love to tell stories about? (Heartbreak Trail)
    • A. the olden days
    • B. her first beau
    • C. her courtship with Father
  16. What is one of Mother’s “strictest rules” for her children? (Long Ride Home) Being on time for meals was one of Mother’s strictest rules.
    • A. being home on time for supper
    • B. going to bed without arguing
    • C. eating all of the food on their plates
  17. What occupation does Mother want Andi to consider? (Courageous Love)
    • A. a rancher
    • B. a governess
    • C. a teacher
  18. Who is with Mother when the Circle C barn burns down? (Courageous Love)
    • A. Justin and Chad
    • B. Andi and Chad
    • C. all of her children
  19. What does Mother do to help Melinda with Katherine’s children during the parlor disaster? (Family Secret)
    • A. She tells Melinda to give Hannah to Kate.
    • B. She sends Levi and Betsy outside to play.
    • C. She takes Hannah in her arms to quiet her.
  20. What instruction does Mother give Andi and Jenny before they leave with Mitch? (Trouble with Treasure)
    • A. “Do what Mitch tells you.”
    • B. “Wear your hats.”
    • C. “Get a good night’s sleep.”
  21. Bonus question: What are the names of Elizabeth’s three siblings? (Hint: check the family tree under the “Behind the Scenes” tab). Mark, Rose, and Aaron

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78 thoughts on “Elizabeth Carter Character Quiz

  1. Hi, Mrs. M

    On your old blog you interviewed a young woman about a magazine she works with or started. Her name was Grace C and she wrote the Battle of the Bull story that placed in your annual contest one year. What is the name of the magazine, I have forgotten and can not find it.

    Thank you

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    1. I have no idea. I don’t remember any magazine started by her or an article written by her. It’s been so long! I barely remember the contest for that year, but I do remember her story about Chad and the bull. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m a little confused about question 8. I know one answer is right, but I also know mother told Andi she only had to be a day student at the academy. I’m confused if that was a promise or not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haven’t thought about it. I’m too busy trying to keep goats and horses dry and warm. If you are used to snow, that’s one thing…. But these storms are wreaking havoc to CA people used to 70s every February. No one is prepared (well, we are with generators and horse blankets cuz we are all from WA), but a little farther up it’s the worst disaster ever!

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    1. A town called St. Michael. It’s so nice to live in the south now! I like snow, but I’ve lived with it all my life, so it’s super nice to have like 70 degrees most days! 😀

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  3. Whoops! I totally forgot to do the character quiz and only remembered when I saw it. Hopefully I’ll remember to enter next time!

    Congrats on winning, Sara!!!!

    @Lily Johnson: I live in MN too!!

    I hope you continue to do the character quizzes! They are very fun and I love doing them when I actually remember 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I’ve been homeschooled my entire life but I go to a co-op on Wednesdays and Thursdays called CHAT Academy. It’s at Cross of Glory in Hopkins right now; we’ve moved around quite a bit.

    What about you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah same i ‘ve been homeschool my whoe life as well! My mom just started a coop on Wednesday’s! And I was actually thinking about doing chat next semester! Wait do u know a girl named June gonsalves? She does chat too!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That’s so cool!!

    I hope you’ll be able to come to CHAT! It’d be so fun meeting you in real life!

    Yes, I do know June!!

    We’re in English class together and her mom currently teaches my older sister’s writing class! June and I have been in classes together for a long time! It’s so awesome that you know of her!

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  6. @Lily Johnson

    I’m able to trade emails with you!!

    Would you be able to set that up, Mrs. M?

    I’ll respond to your other questions (the curriculum and stuff about me) a little bit later when I have more time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Sounds good! So if I give u my email on here! Mr.s M could u delete it after that? Or should we both give u (Mr.s M) our emails? Like if she emailed u then u could give me her email? Make sense?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rosa is next month. Sadie is a no-go because mostly she is in the Stepping Stones. Doing it for the younger kids did not work out very well.
      Rosa will be the last Character Quiz unless I get more responses.

      Liked by 2 people

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