Guess the Foaling Dates

Guess the foal’s coloring is posting tomorrow. You’ll soon see a link.

Two Winners!

Why two winners? Because we have two mares due within a week of each other. You may guess Scarlett’s foaling date or Jewels’s foaling date. Or you may enter twice with a guess for each one (please label each entry clearly that it is either a guess for Scarlett’s foaling date or Jewels’s date. Do NOT put both guesses in one entry. I have to go through and find the correct guesses and it’s easier if everything is not all smashed together.

Hint #1: due dates

Instead of random guessing (like with Colton last June), Kristel and I know the exact date the two mares were bred. Based on the gestation calculator, here are the due dates for the two mares:

  1. Jewels is due March 26, 2023
  2. Scarlett is due March 29, 2023

Hint #2: Do a little research

To make your best guess, do a little research. Is there any “wiggle room” when it comes to foaling mares? If so, can they foal one week early or one week late? Two weeks early or late? Longer? Or . . . do mares generally foal on their due date? Jewels is a first-time (maiden) mare. Scarlett foaled Star in April 2021. (We do not know when Scarlett was bred before Kristel bought her, so that’s no help.)

Don’t forget to include your name and email before posting your comment, or your entry will be disqualified.

A Prize for Each Winner

The fan who guesses the foaling date correctly for Jewels wins the blue prize – “Trail Ridin’ Jelly Beans” and a Circle C fun pack (stickers, Circle C pen, a Milestones magnet, and a Circle C keychain flashlight).

The fan who guesses the foaling date correctly for Scarlett wins the green prize – “Butterscotch Bites” and a Circle C fun pack (stickers, Circle C pen, an Adventures magnet, and a Circle C keychain flashlight).

If more than one person guesses correctly, the winner will be randomly drawn. Note: You can only win one time. If for some crazy reason, the same person guesses both dates correctly, I will go to the next closest guess (just to be fair).

Contest/giveaway ends the day each foal is born. Winner will be notified by email and announced the next day. Good luck and have fun!

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