Foal Colors Guessing Giveaway

There are three fun giveaways in March/April.

  1. One Winner: Guess the foal’s coloring (from Jewels). This post.
  2. Two Winners: Guess the foaling date for Scarlett or Jewels (or both) Go here >>
  3. One Winner: Suggest a name for Jewels’s foal (Scarlett’s foal is “Taffy”) (coming soon after the birth)

First of all, there is no guessing game for Scarlett’s foal. Scarlett is 100% sorrel, and the sire is 100% cremello. Scarlett will foal a 100% palomino. (Scroll down for the color contest.)

The Foal: “TAFFY” COLORING: 100% Palomino


There are four possibilities for the coloring of Jewels’s foal (based on genetic testing of the sire and dam). See the probability chart below and make your guess. You may guess in the comments. Just don’t forget to include your email and name before posting. The winner will be randomly chosen from all of the entries that guess the coloring correctly.

Which of the 4 color/pattern possibilities do you think Jewels will have? The contest ends the day the foal is born. I have another “guess the date” contest going on. Guess the foaling date for one or both of the foals here >>

Sample images of the four color possibilities for Jewel’s foal.

Buckskin Tobiano – 32.81%
Buckskin – 32.81%
Palomino – 12.5%
Palomino Tobiano – 12.5%

Two more photos of the sire, Rubicon’s, gorgeous features. Look how long his mane and tail are! Read all about Rubicon on BlueDreaminFarms >>

Rubicon’s Pedigree

His pedigree goes all the way back to 1670, when all the horses were either thoroughbred or Arabian. One of his ancestors is “Hautboy” from 1690. Wow!

Jewels Pedigree

Kristel found her mare’s pedigree, all the way back to the 1600s too. She and Rubicon share a common ancestor, “Royal Mare,” back in 1680. It’s like us tracing our lineage back to one of Noah’s sons! Or like Jesus’ lineage being traced back to King David (to prove He is of the royal household as foretold by the prophets). Basically, “papers matter.”


Check out this fun prize package for the winner of the “guess the color/pattern” giveaway. Winner will be randomly drawn from all correct entries and wins all of these:

  • My last 8″x10″ Andi and Taffy jigsaw puzzle (I sell 11″x14″ now)
  • Circle C Adventures button/pin
  • Heartbreak Trail keychain

Don’t forget to leave both an email and your name before posting (no one but I can see this information).

Scarlett (“Taffy’s” mama) and Mrs. M say, “Good luck and have fun!”

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111 thoughts on “Foal Colors Guessing Giveaway

  1. JEWELS – Palomino Tobiano

    I think it would be soooo pretty if it happened!
    also, what happens if it turns out to be a Female Palamino, and Scarlett has a male Palamino? Will Jewel’s foal be named Taffy instead?

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    1. A horse that is registered, like the AKC purebred dogs, etc. Jewels is registered as an American Paint Horse. It means she’s worth more, and bred with a registered sire, her foals are worth a lot of money.

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