Foal Update

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Four days old! Jewel’s Taffy Kandy and the colt (who is as yet unnamed, poor thing). I will still be taking name suggestions until 5pm tonight (Pacific Time). You may suggest your name in these comments. I will check both posts before handing the final list to Kristel and Kristi. She has seen a partial list so far and knows this will be a very hard decision. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! For now, peek at this 40-second video of the two foals outside at four days old. Finally! Sunshine!

And for those of you who see a huge difference in coloring, be patient. Both foals are palominos (for sure). Taffy’s coloring may lighten–but hopefully will go to a real pretty golden look like Andi’s “Taffy.” The colt will probably also get very golden/dark. You can never judge the palomino’s final coloring by his or her coloring at birth.

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15 thoughts on “Foal Update

    1. Nope. The colt is super friendly and likes to nibble on us. Let’s us touch him all over.

      Taffy is a little skittish but when we catch her she melts and it’s us even check her feet. She lifts her feet for us already.

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