Too Many Kittens?

Note . . . if you already got a published version of this post, sorry about that. I clicked “March 3” rather than “March 31.” Ah! WordPress!

While Kristel and I were hurrying around trying to decide if Jewels or Scarlett or either or none were going to foal, Ellie’s cat, Chloe, surprised us by climbing into Ellie’s bottom clothes drawer of her dresser and proceeded to produce seven (7) kittens! We knew she was pregnant but we thought, “She’s pretty young. Maybe three or four.” Nope, this is the Ross Ranch and they do things in numbers. The kittens were born March 26. Yes, the afternoon before Jewels presented us with Taffy.

There is just no rest around here, so if the blog posts come few and far between, I apologize. Just so much going on with the livestock and school. And the nasty weather. Anyway, here is a cute video of Chloe and her one-day-old kittens. Oh, by the way, Painted Acres Ranch (the name of my daughter’s mini-ranch) already has about 15 cats, all fixed. But somehow Chloe snuck outside before they got her to the vet.

Two orange tabbies are Manx, one buff-colored kitten is a half-tailed Manx, and a couple of the black ones are Manx too, I think. It’s really hard to keep track, so I’m not sure I got that right. Something even crazier happened. Ellie put the one-day-old kittens up on a local list, like Craigs List, to rehome them at eight weeks for a $30 rehoming fee (yeah, right. Who pays for ranch kittens?) Well, all of the Manx kittens have been reserved! One person from as far away as Long Beach (Los Angeles). I guess kittens are hard to find in the cities.

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17 thoughts on “Too Many Kittens?

  1. Our cat just had kittens too! She is only a year old! We thought she was going to have two or three kittens but she had 7! They are all black! And we already have a person who wants two if them.


      1. That’s so weird. I knew that cats without a tail were a thing, but I never picture a mother cat having tailless kittens. Lol.

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