Got a Circle C Special Spot?

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Mrs. M got this idea when Daisy J. sent her a picture of a special place where she collects Circle C books and fun stuff. I thought it might be fun to put out a call to anyone who would like to share their “Circle C Special Spot” (if you have one). Clearly, Daisy does. Email me at and attach a photo of your collections of anything Circle C related and I will devote an entire blog post to sharing your photos. Also, include a favorite “member” of your Circle C collection and why.

You can highlight your collection, like Daisy has done below. Or you can send a picture of you in a special spot reading one of the Circle C books (like Grace in the second picture).

Daisy J’s special spot for her Circle C collection.

Grace in her special spot reading Long Ride Home in June 2022. My publisher highlighted this picture on their Facebook page.

Below is Mrs. M’s very special spot for the Circle C books. It’s the Kid’s catalogs. Why is this so special? Because out of the thousands of books they sell and could feature, they keep choosing the Circle C series.

Spring 2023 Kids Catalog!

Mrs. M is totally thrilled that ChristianBook featured two of her Circle C series (and mentions the other two) on the same page as the timeless Sugar Creek Gang and Mandie books. I’m very humbled by this. Thank you, Jesus!

I look forward to seeing some of your Circle C special spots!

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

10 thoughts on “Got a Circle C Special Spot?

  1. Wow! Never been on a cattle drive! But that looks cool!
    I read the books anywhere, don’t really have a ‘special spot’ but I’ll try to do it. (if possible)!


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