Foal Update – One Month Old

Dakota and Taffy turned one month old on April 26 and April 27. However, Mrs. M went back to Washington the same day and so it’s taken awhile to get this update scheduled. The day before I left we took pictures and videos. Taffy is just shy of a month old, but the video of me leading Kody is a few days earlier, but you get the picture.

Taffy is getting a lot easier to catch. If Susie helps, Taffy gets caught much faster. Maybe she’s shorter and not perceived as a threat? At any rate, as soon as someone gets close enough to touch her rump, she stops trying to get away. She is as pretty as a princess and still just as prissy. But you can see by the video that she leads very well. She did have an “almost” filly fit, but she stopped and then kept leading. I miss Taffy already! She will be so big the next time I see her, but since I imprinted on her at her foaling, and smell is a main thing with horses, both she and Kody will no doubt remember (and like, I hope) me.

Kody is . . . in a word . . . big and bigger! He doesn’t like it when we give Taffy her training and wants to be right there in the action. So Kristel had to stomp at him (like a horse disciplining him) and he submitted, backed off, and then went back to his mama until we were finished with Taffy. He is so smart!

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18 thoughts on “Foal Update – One Month Old

    1. I think my daughter wants the girls to show them, but since I’m not into the modern-day equine stuff, it’s hard to say. Not dressage, I know that for sure. Western something. Jewels Taffy Kandy is double registered under both warm-blood and American Paint. Her sire is Rubicon’s Moonlight Motion, son of Raleigh’s Full Moon. Dakota has a fancy name that I can’t remember. Any foals from Rubicon are automatically considered registered. He’s got some kind of special dispensation.


      1. Interesting! I just looked her sire up, Rubicon is a gorgeous stud! I hope to breed Morgans someday, they’re amazing horses.
        Hmm, maybe Western Pleasure? If their toplines are anything like their parents when they grow up they might be well suited to that.

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      2. All I know is that once they are officially registered they are worth like … $10,000 – $20,000 each! Taffy was easy. Her dam is registered with American Paint Association.

        Dakota’s dam, the sorrel, had her papers lost by the previous owner… Well, lo and behold, he did find her registered name. Thanks to modern technology, Kristel, my DD, plugged her name in and found her lines. She is a registered quarter horse whose lines go back to a famous quarter horse named Doc something. So she’ll do the DNA testing so Baby Kody can be registered through both mare and stallion and be worth a fortune. But she does not plan on selling either. We are in love with these babies.

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      3. My instructor once showed me a horse for sale who was the grandson of Peptoboonsmal. Great horse, just not ready for one yet. Besides I’m more of a Morgan girl, and it would fit our needs better.


    2. Also, I put up your blog as requested on the fans’ page. Say, where did you get those progress bar/graphics on your right sidebar? I’ve been looking for a progress bar (I used to have them) but I can’t find any.


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