Fans Blog Scavenger Hunt

Yes, you read that right. Let’s explore and give the fans’ blogs a little love today. There are a few new blogs up, but I mixed everything up. Usually, new blogs are posted at the bottom of the page and added that way, but this time of year is “clean out the non-active blogs” week. Your blog must be six months up to date (your most recent post cannot be older than six months, so that would be . . . your last posting in December 2022. I deleted three blogs. One was out of date, another was “no page found” (they had deleted their blog), and one (oops, my bad) had no link.

If you are a blog owner and I deleted your blog by accident, simply comment here and ask me to put it back up. I’m happy too! I just like to keep things neat and snappy, and a blog that has a year-old post on it and nothing fresh is no fun for anyone.

Okay, so on to the Scavenger Hunt. I will give 22 clues in the Google Form below and you will see if you can find that blog from the clues! Sound found? Let’s do it!

Did I mention there is a prize for the winner who gets every answer correct? What’s the prize? Oh, something fun and cute and inexpensive, of course.


This is the prize for the winner of the Fans Blog Scavenger Hunt: Circle C Adventures Journal and a pen. I found a whole bunch of green journals that I didn’t know I had, so you get the benefit!


Rules: Answer the question with the blog owner’s name, not the name of her blog (except for question #1). You might find the answer by simply skimming the images. Then again, you may have to click over to a few blogs to find the answers there. While you may have to look at all of the blogs, not all blogs are featured in the Google Form.

Note: I do give rather broad hints in all of my clues. Some hints allude to the blog’s title to make it easier to find. Other hints have more than one blogger for the answer or the same clue. I’m pretty flexible.

Questions? Go ahead and comment but I might not be able to answer them. I have made the questions as easy as possible, as if I were going on the Scavenger Hunt. πŸ™‚

Hunt lasts one week: Friday, May 19 – Friday, May 26. Winner announced by email and on Saturday, May 27.

FANS BLOG PAGE to “start the hunt” >>

If anybody sees anything “amiss,” let me know ASAP so I can correct it. There are a lot of blogs to find clues about and I might have missed something.

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

34 thoughts on “Fans Blog Scavenger Hunt

    1. I’m not really sure. It’s pretty random. I did the best I could when I was creating the hunt.
      I’m looking a the list of answers and it looks like each person is only mentioned once. The complication is that a few of the NEWEST blogs came in AFTER I created the scavenger hunt. I hope it doesn’t mess anybody up too badly, but . . . it is what it is. It was a very complicated scavenger hunt to create.


      1. So, in order to get the correct answer for question 1, should we add them up and subtract 2 since you added 2 blogs.


      2. Okay, I’m a little confused on 12 because two blogs have rambling in their title and don’t have much content.


  1. Hi Mrs. M, I’ve posted on my blog within the last 3 months, but I’m not seeing it there anymore… It’s Thank you! (commenting here since comments on that page are closed for some reason)


    1. I have re-added your blog to the page. thanks for speaking up. I had no idea where the link went to but when I tried to link over it didn’t work, so I had to delete it. I’m glad it’s back up and running. yay!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mrs. M, I am a little confused about question 12. Is it the newest blogger that we are supposed to put down?


    1. There should be more than one hint to determine the answer because there are two new blogs at the very bottom that I added after posting the hunt and they are not part of this game. Having just added then yesterday. The “Rambling” would be the clue.


  3. I’m confused about question 7. There are a lot of blogs who do book reviews. Are you looking for the specific blogs that only focus on book reviews?
    Also, can you tell us which blogs were added after the contest started?
    Thank you! πŸ˜€


  4. I sent my answers in the other day. I wanted to make sure it got to you cause I never got an email back and wanted to make sure that my email wasn’t acting up.


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