Our Favorite Things #11 – Sweets

You can read other favorites in Andi’s Attic >> February 15, 1881 So, that “rat,” Jeffrey Sullivan, is still trying to worm his way into my sister Melinda’s affections. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and that ol’ Jeffrey thought he’d impress her by bringing her a box of fancy chocolates with the soft centers. Little doesContinue reading “Our Favorite Things #11 – Sweets”

Chuck Wagon (and Recipes)

Find more Andi’s Journal and Circle C Recipes in Andi’s Attic >> July 1886 It’s too bad Riley married somebody who can lasso better than she can cook. It’s not that I haven’t tried, but somehow my best ideas do not turn out. Then Riley gave me his best idea ever! “Here’s what you needContinue reading “Chuck Wagon (and Recipes)”