Circle C Writing Workshop

Ten-Week Video Course

Presented by Susan K. Marlow

These ten short video lessons supplement the writing workbooks Writers Roundup and Writers Gold Mine. There is no cost to view these video lessons. To benefit the most from this course, however, you may want to buy the workbook to complete the assignments. They are available from Amazon or the Circle C store.

Instructor: Susan K. Marlow

Writers Roundup and Writers Gold Mine are based on multi-published, award-winning author Susan K. Marlow’s twenty years of experience with homeschooling, teaching writing, and working with editors and publishers. Her Circle C and Goldtown series total over 180,000 copies in print. Originally presented as live Zoom classes once a week, she has consolidated the video lessons and now presents them here to benefit young writers. The writing workbooks are self-taught, but the short (15-20 minutes each) video lessons enhance the book lessons and are available free of charge. You will, however, need to purchase either Writers Roundup or Writers Gold Mine to get the full benefit of the course. Buy the books here or on Amazon (Roundup) or (Gold Mine)

Bonus Opportunity

The workbook and video lessons are self-taught and can be worked through at the student’s own pace. An answer key is provided at the back of the workbook. However, for students who would like personal feedback for their lessons, contact Susan at This one-on-one feedback and editing service is available for a fee of $75 and covers all ten lessons.

Course Overview and Video Lessons

The writing process is presented from the foundation of the five essential elements of a fiction story to holding a published book in your hand.

To get a general overview of what the book and video course cover, you can watch this 3-minute video below. Then jump in and begin your writing journey with lesson 1.

What Students Are Saying About the Course

The class was amazing and I learned so much. I thought I knew how to write, but this class definitely proved me wrong. I know so much more now and I’m really grateful. – Emily H. age 12

This class helped me grow in my confidence as a writer. I learned valuable techniques that will help me succeed in becoming a professional author someday. It’s definitely worth taking! Cari L., age 15

This class is awesome. It took the random ideas I had floating around in my head and transformed them to my novel on paper. I highly recommend it. Paul E., age 13

I absolutely loved your class! (I was pretty sad that the twelve weeks passed so quickly!) -Kenzie C. age 15

This is the best writing class! I learned so much and feel like I can conquer any writing assignment. Mrs. Marlow is an amazing teacher and gets the point across very well. I am definitely going to continue to use everything I learned from this class. – Jennarose Z. age 17

I am so glad I took the class. I have learned so much, but learning it was tons of fun. Thanks again. – Julia B. age 13

The Circle C writing class was the most fun ever! Mrs. M taught me everything there is to know about writing. Some of my struggles were: not including enough detail, trouble ending stories, and a lot more. Mrs. M helped me conquer most, if not all of them by her lessons. – Tori Huber age 11

Mrs. Marlow’s lesson on ‘show don’t tell’ helped me understand how to create images through words; the lesson on pest words helped be weed over 1,000 words out of my novel. I completely recommend her ten-lesson course with no reservations. – Andrew I. age 16

33 thoughts on “Circle C Writing Workshop

  1. If I could have had something like this when I was growing up and dreaming of writing books, I wouldn’t have waited until age 42 to get serious about developing the God-given talent that has (at age 86) made me an award-winning, best-selling author.

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  2. Not very important, but in video 1, it says pages 7-16. But in the writing above it says 1-16. Just to let you know


  3. Hello! I just had a question: So, I love writing, and I often get “good” idea for books, so I start the story. Right away. And that’s the problem, I get too excited over my ”good idea”, that I don’t write out a “Blueprint” or story map, and then I get a “Better Idea” so I end up leaving my first idea to about the first two chapters. I want to finish the book so I can revise it and hopefully get it published, but now I have about 15 unfinished books that I haven’t touched in weeks, maybe even months. Any advice?
    One last thing: I love creating OCs, or Original Characters. I also like drawing, so sometimes they go into my terrible comics that I make. But I have a habit of making “Perfect” characters, with little to no weaknesses and faults. And I have a hard time creating characters, like, “Ooh, I want this character to be _____ and like doing ____ but wAiT that means I can’t have any other of my characters like that!” I like organizing, which means I also like all of my like things in one place. So I “Have” to create one amazing, like me, beautiful character, but then I can’t “Spread the butter” onto the other characters *Que facepalm* and I end up with a bunch of junk characters. Any advice?
    Thank you for your time, (And sorry for such a looooong comment, it’s no wonder I have trouble summarizing!)
    I have only watched the first video so far, so please let me know if any of this will be explained in the next ones. I could watch them all now, but I’m trying to “savor” them, haha.

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    1. Absolutely! You are in for a treat. Every one of your concerns is addressed in the lessons that follow the first one. I do recommend, however, that you get yourself a copy of the Writers Roundup workbook so you can have plenty of practice with the skills presented in the videos (and reinforced in the workbook). It comes either as a paperback workbook or as a PDF Ebook (for much less$$) that you can print out only the pages you want to use. Hope that helps!

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  4. Do you NEED Writers Roundup to watch the videos? Or can you still get something out if them without Writers Roundup?


    1. We used! It’s super easy! Even a dud at technology like myself was able to create a professional-looking cover!


  5. Mrs. M, on video number eight, you said that it went along with lesson number seven. Is it just me, or is something not right?


      1. Yes, but you already have a lesson seven. See?
        Lesson Seven (or video seven): What Ifs and Ups & Downs – and then it’s:
        Lesson Eight (or video eight): Keep the Story Moving – but you say THIS is lesson seven. Do you have two just for lesson seven, or have I gone crazy?


  6. I bought the book and have watched the first three lessons so far. I’ve already learned some helpful tips and I am very much enjoying myself, especially with the character outlines. Thanks so much for doing this Mrs. M.!


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