Where Are the Cover Kids?

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Have you ever wondered what happened to the kids who modeled the Circle C Adventures covers? I found a few pictures to share. They are all grown up. After enjoying the pictures, scroll down for a five-minute video of an interview with the kids who modeled for the Circle C Stepping Stones covers.

Andi Carter (Jessica Waters)

This is an easy one. We have watched Andi transform from a spunky twelve-year-old to a married woman with three adorable children. Jessica and her husband recently bought a homestead and have chickens, cows, and probably (by now) a horse. Jessica lives in rural Arkansas.

Rosa Garduno (Joy Gonzales)

Joy’s grandmother attended our church and her granddaughter (age 13) was delighted to model Rosa for Price of Truth. Joy grew up and has baby Roman.

Levi Swanson (Evan Cathey)

At age ten, Evan appeared to be the perfect model for Levi Swanson (except Evan’s eyes are blue and Levi’s are brown. But I’m used to that by now, since Andi’s eyes are blue but darker on the covers). Evan went to our church and seemed quite mischievous. But he grew up into a great young man.

Lin Mei (Gracie Strawser)

Gracie Strawser was age 7 when she modeled for Lin Mei. Her mom, Heidi, was an online friend and book fan, and they had an adopted Asian daughter. Perfect! Heidi took the pictures and sent them (yay for email and the Internet) and Gracie transformed into Lin Mei. Her red silk gown was PhotoShopped to an appropriate blue-gray for a “common” or slave girl for the cover of San Francisco Smugglers.

Cory Blake (Ryan Marlow)

It hasn’t been difficult to keep track of Ryan. He was age 14 when he modeled with Jessica for Trouble with Treasure. Later, he joined the air force and is now married and lives “next door” on five acres. He and his father built his house over the last couple of years. It’s nice to have your son as a neighbor to keep an eye on the place. We take turns keeping watch over each other’s cats when either of us is gone.

Cover Kids Interview

Ellie, Julie, and Christian (siblings) share their experiences as cover models for the Circle C Stepping Stones covers.

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18 thoughts on “Where Are the Cover Kids?

    1. Yes! It was so special when I saw their Christmas picture last year. I thought, write, she’s dressed like Andi and the new baby (Jackson) is so cute. It just happened to work out. And since Jessica is the cover girl on all of the older books, it was perfect.

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      1. I went to look at it after I replied and it had vanished! So I redid it, so you were right. It was gone but who knows how it why? So I’m glad you saw that.


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