Trick Riding!

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Andi’s Journal

June 1885

It’s been quite some time since I caught up in my journal. Being kidnapped and held at an outlaw’s hidden camp for two or three weeks (without my journal) means I have to remember things and write them down later. One of the best things I remember is Riley’s rescue! Who would have thought he and I would escape (with barely our lives) from Procopio’s hideout by using a riding trick Riley taught me a mere two months before in April? I banged my nose and face the first time we tried that trick, but boy oh boy! I’m awfully glad I kept practicing. I never fell off again. Sure, I missed Riley’s hand a couple of times, but I didn’t miss his hand when it counted most. The pickup trick was the most important trick I ever learned, and I will never forget it.

So, what about trick riding? It gives me a thrill to stand up on Shasta’s back and lope, and the pickup stunt makes me feel like I’m flying. There are a few tricks, however, that I don’t care to try. Riley refuses to teach me the somersault stunt, where you leap from the horse, turn a somersault and land on your feet next to the horse’s head. I think he may be right. Another trick sounds pretty scary: the Death Drag. Yeah, hanging upside down off the side of the horse while galloping (and hanging on to a mere strap) doesn’t sound very fun either.

Nor does this crazy-looking trick hanging from a horse’s rump.

Roman riding would be fun, though. That’s where you have one foot on one horse and another foot on another horse and ride them in tandem. I tried it once, but I simply could not get both horses to ride together, and of course I fell off, between them. Years ago, I watched Miss Minnie Mae ride two beautiful horses when the circus came to town. She even jumped through a ring of fire and landed on their backs. I held my breath the entire time!

Illustration Leslie Gammelgaard, Andi Under the Big Top.

Take a peek at these three girls (the twins are only fourteen, and their younger sister is much younger). It’s a two-minute video where they demonstrate Roman riding and other fancy riding tricks. Click the image for the page on the Circle C website to watch the video. Enjoy!

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

10 thoughts on “Trick Riding!

  1. I learned a bit of trick riding (barely the basics of a few tricks) while I was taking riding lessons. At a certain point, I could trot hands-free. (I still need to hang on while at a canter)

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  2. I’ve always enjoyed watching trick riding videos. I wish there was a trainer close me to teach me. I really want to learn! Have a Blessed day everyone!

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